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  1. Oh I get it Barry. I'm looking for a Patrol, but a few I've seen here are not in the best of shape, driven too many kilometers and people asking too high a price. On told summer months brings prices down a bit, so waiting for my opportunity.
  2. You guys must be kidding me. Actually, the automotive industry has taken care of this long time back. Drivers just aren’t using the mirrors correctly. Most people adjust their mirrors such that they can barely see their own car in the mirror, and leave it there. Essentially, this causes a huge overlap between the side and center rear view mirrors, which is unnecessary. By spreading your side mirrors you lose no information about what’s behind you, but pretty much eliminate your blind spot to your sides. This new method is recommended at most driving schools, including the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Steps to readjust: Place the center mirror to show the whole rear-view window or at least as much of it as possible. Make sure you seat properly and aim the rear-view mirror without moving your head from the straight forward position. Lean your head to the left until your face is almost touching the glass, and adjust the left mirror. While still leaning, your mirror should be far enough such that you can barely see the side of your own car. Almost at 90 degrees from your car. Lean your head to the right until your head is over the center divider, and adjust the right mirror. Similarly, your mirror should be adjusted far enough such that you can barely see the side of your own car. Re-evaluate. The idea is that there should be a small overlap between your side mirrors and the center rear-view mirror. If there is no overlap at all, then bring the mirrors slightly closer in. When sitting straight up, you should not be able to see your own car. Now, you should have basically no blind spots. It takes a little getting used to, but you basically rely on your center rear-view much more than before. When a car leaves your center rear-view mirror, it should be immediately visible in your side mirror.
  3. Thank you Danny for the valuable insight. Any idea where I can get that done and how much it should cost me?
  4. @derik You were advising me to go for Pajero and you are having troubles with it.
  5. Thanks @adil seems like I am liking what I hear about Patrol, but if I am going for a used car and since it is automatic, I have heard that there are a few problems with Y61 gear box, can someone please advise if they know something. Thanks @derik for your advice, which Pajero is known to perform well in the desert, I mean which model year and engine type should I be looking for. Thanks @Gaurav for such a technical post, looks like you cannot get the best of both worlds, need to sacrifice cost if you want performance and sacrifice performance if you are looking to save cost. BTW do I need to service with the agency if it is a used car, or can I get it serviced in outside garages? I ask this because @Gaurav mentioned Al Futtaim Service and AWR Service which I think is the agency here dealing with Toyota and Nissan.
  6. Thank you Gaurav for your feedback, sounds like Nissan is the better bet for offroad and Land Cruiser mostly for road comfort, resale value, reliability and maintenance cost. Gaurav can you please tell me your Patrol was automatic gear or manual gear. I am looking for an automatic as I have automatic licence.
  7. This sounds exciting and would mean I could have time to discuss with you guys regarding the dilemma of which car to go for. i will check with my cousins and let you know later in the evening.
  8. Wow that was quick, Thank you Rahimdad for your valuable insight. However I forgot to mention that I have an automatic license so I need a vehicle with an automatic gear. Is it the same story for the gear on the Nissan Patrol with the automatic gear. I briefly drove my cousins Patrol for a while and it felt pretty good, but I need some one to lend me the Land Cruiser so that I can have an experience of both and than decide. Very nice of you to catch that i am looking for a second hand vehicle and thank you for the tip that in a couple of months time I can get it for a lower price than what it is selling for right now. this also allows me extra time to make up my mind on which one to go for.
  9. Hi Guys, I am new to Dubai and came across your website which looks so informative. So many wonderful posts. I have gone dune bashing with my cousins and I guess I have a dune bug that has bitten me. Now I want to get my own off-road monster. I am divided between the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series and the Nissan Patrol and so far my cousins have been great help to confuse me even more. I would like to have opinion from the car gurus here as to which one is better for say 70% of on-road driving and 30% desert driving. What is power to weight ratio, and which one is better? Which one is more comfortable on-road? Which one is better in the desert drive? Which one has more after market mods available? Which one is lower on maintenance? Generally fewer headaches and more fun? I am eagerly awaiting your valuable inputs, and hope you will not leave me confused like my cousins.
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