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  1. 100 points donated... looking forward for your contribution on forum and keep your account active.
  2. Congrats @Frederic all the best for this new level.
  3. we will definitely visit this place in our 2day drive and hope that entire surrounding in not fenced..
  4. 100 points is too low gaurav bhai for this hard work GPS Coordinate: - https://maps.app.goo.gl/d2f25VTc3LkZBM6s6 "In search of yellow truck" this is an exploration drive i am planning to explore this winter. I had scanned whole of this area few weeks back and this point has a track which is in one of my exit plan...
  5. Thank you @Gaurav for this wonderful drive enjoyed a lot... and I am sorry for making everyone wait for me.. one of my passenger friend had work till 10.30pm on thursday.. so we started after 10.30 from abu dhabi straight to deflating point. Thank you @G.huz @AKR @Shamil @shadow79 @Srikumar @Adel Muradov @Emmanuel @Rahimdad we missed you. See you all soon.
  6. Try at boarder... Since this visa's are in process I cant guarantee that.. try your luck.
  7. Google Map was not supporting in oman when I visited last year.. I had tried HERE WeGo maps which works perfectly. Download this app and oman map before you leave as a backup.
  8. @Sidshk all the best and happy journey, drive safe. One of the most scenic ride I have ever taken was this route: Salalah - Mirbat - Hadbeen - Hasik. The total distance is around 200 kms (one way) from Salalah. Hasik is worth two-hour drive with some of the most gorgeous mountain views and incredible seaside drive along the coastal road. There is not much to see in Hasik but if you continue along the road from Hadbeen to Hasik, look for some interesting limestone formation overhanging the cliffs. You can also plan your trip as below: (I had never tried this route but sure next time when I visit I will definitely take this route) Haima (half way to Salalah from Dubai) take LEFT to – Shalim via Ash Shuwaymiyyah via HASIK via Hadbeen via Mirbat via Taqha to Salalah this route will add you around 100 kms to your Dubai to Salalah trip instead of driving 2hours + 2hours from Salalah to Hasik and back to Salalah. Plan your trip that you reach Haima in the evening and stay there at night. There are few hotels in Haima (you can google and check). Next day early morning start your trip and by evening you can reach Salalah. You can also visit Anti Gravity Point at Mirbat on your way to Salalah Location to visit on your way: Canyon View Point (between Ash Shuwaymiyyah – HASIK. (I had never gone here) https://goo.gl/maps/oV7w5MasnWuw9K9DA Anti-Gravity Point Mirbat - https://goo.gl/maps/Hh15Rsh7kPK6k2Ha9 Route: Haima to Salalah Via HASIK
  9. Apply clear/transparent ones. Sometimes cops will give you ticket for changing the color of your car.
  10. I had a same situation few days back. Removed excess oil from dipstick hole using suction hose as mentioned by @Gaurav. You will find this oil suction pump in few garages or at petrol stations where oil change is done.
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