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  1. @RohanH 8mm thick Aluminium will be good if you find it. 6mm thick is also fine if your vehicle don't have hanging radiator.
  2. Using a proper engine oil for our vehicle is an important part of good maintenance. And owner's manual always states which oil is best for our vehicles to drive under normal weather and driving condition. My Nissan Xterra which is 2009 model with 250K km on speedometer had been regularly serviced at agency using 20W 50 engine oil (recommended in owners manual) at every 5000km by the previous owner. Now the time has come to change the oil for first time since i bought it. Few Xterra owners from - - -club recommend 5W 30 engine oil (10000km) which is also recommended in owners manual. Since these two grades 5W 30 & 20W 50 are different it is important for me to determine which oil is best for my vehicle. By my little search in internet, i understood that 5W 30 oil is good for modern vehicles and this spec oil is lighter which circulate through out the engine faster than dense grade oil like 20W 50. Also recommend for high millage vehicle My question.. Is it required to change to 5W 30 from 20W 50 for better performance for my high millage engine And also i would like to know that the switching the oil grade will not damage the engine parts Owner's Manual - Page attached for reference
  3. @Najeeb Mohammed this drive is for experience members ONLY. You can join a newbie level drive on 28th of Feb. Please check below link
  4. @Sidshk check for sand inside tyre if you had gone Offroad and had a popout.
  5. Abu Dhabi emirates is cheaper compared to sharjah and dubai. Maximum i had paid for full wash is AED 30.00 for saloon car and AED 35.00 for SUV almost all the service station in mussafah industrial area. Give AED 5.00 tips to the washer and i give him before he starts to wash and believe me sometimes i have to wave him to stop washing
  6. @Nitin Mohan lovely pics. All new members please note we have a sperate gallery for each drive to upload drive pictures. https://carnity.com/gallery
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