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  1. Hi all, want to ask any way to remove scratch or any cheap place recommended for windscreen scratch remove, i got a wiper scratch infront of my driver seat touching it not deep at all , but it annoys me , please teach me how to get rid of it
  2. Thanks barry i do understand, thats why i wanna put the correct oil 0w20 but it seems like dubai is not selling it, does anyone know any location please share
  3. Hi guys till now i still could not find 0w20 in dubai market
  4. Hi guarav, Yes thats what it says in honda service center, so do anyone know where i can buy 0w20 ?
  5. HI all, I would like to ask which engine oil in uae will suite honda accord 2016 2.4L , as i always go to agency they will say 0w-20 honda oil and charging 1000+ lol for 10k service would anyone can suggest if i change oil outside which engine oil i should put ? and where to buy?? 0w-20 is hard to find.
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