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  1. Dear all, I gotta say i had a real amazing time participating for the march 30 newbie drive, it was my first time offroading and its much more fun than i thought it would be, the best part is all the marshals were very patient and so much cooperative in helping us newbies understand how its done and how to get out of stuck positions, everytime we got stuck in no time two or three marshals are already out of their vehicles and approaching our vehicle and gets us out in no time. thanks to [email protected] who was the group leader and @Gaurav bhai who was always adding on relevant informations and helping us out of situations with ease, the drift champion on jeep was also awsome to watch how he went over the dunes and back down, and also to mention @skumar83 who was also out of his vehicle in no town we had a problem, who also brought his son also along which i am also gonna be doing once my boy is bac in town. the last decent was the best part of the trip, I had a wonderful fun filled friday, looking forward to tag along for many more trips, cheers
  2. Great! I plan to go too, what details do you wanna know? I have a jeep grand Cherokee limited 2017 model,
  3. Among the above items which are manadatorily required for a newbie fewbie trip?
  4. hello everyone, hope you all are doing great! my JGC is 9months old and i can't wait to test it on the sands and also meet all you legends. when is the next trip which i can tag along? i see there are no upcoming events but just asking to get an idea. Apart from the default kit i got when i bought my jeep what are the essential things i should mandatorily have while offroading FOR THE FIRST TIME. Benny Thomas
  5. Hi everyone, Benny thomas here, I'm new to the Group, got my new jeep grand Cherokee limited two weeks ago, looking forward to meet all of you and tag along in newbie off-road trips, we r from Kerala India, staying in Fujairah.
  6. Guys, I rolled out my new JGC limited cherry red (colour is awesome) yesterday from Sharjah showroom, enjoyed the soothing ride back to fujairah, will need sometime to get used to the vehicle and then I hope I can take part in rides with you guys to the extend that all of you advice me. What do you suggest, when is the best time I can try my red dragon on the sands..
  7. Wow @shadow79 @Asif Hussain I dint know those facts, now am assured am getting advice from the elite :), looking forward to meet all of you Benny Thomas I asked them about the coupons and they simply replied that they don't have such coupons Now
  8. Thnx @Rahimdad tats a relief to know, do u go offroading as well?
  9. Thanks @ayman_khateeb You are the only one who gave a positive feedback, everyone around me are trying to make me change my mind
  10. Guys I am getting the shivers when reading online about all the complaints about transmission and others exterior/interior equipments on older models as well as 2015/16/17 models, thinking about backing out
  11. Thanks mate, I will surely do so, i totally appreciate bcoz without the knowledge it is not possible to ensure the safety of the passengers or the vehicle, thank a lot.
  12. Thank you for the comment Mr. Ayman khateeb. I have booked the 2017 Jeep grand cherokee limited, hopefully after Eid they will deliver the car. Once i familiarize myself with the new car looking foward to meeting all of you and tag along on offroad trips
  13. Appreciate all your comments. I am going for JGC and looking forward to meeting all of you.
  14. Mr. Rahimdad and Mr.Pankarjg thank you for your comments. With reference to the above reasons of Ford explorer not being the right choice, what do you guys think about 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited? low mileage but perfect for offroading, not so bad luxury and on road performance
  15. Thank you for the reply Asif Hussain I am looking for an SUV which can serve as a family vehicle on-road and also has the capability to go for soft offroading. I was in the impression Ford explorer was a good family SUV and also not so bad for family offroading trips. If i am wrong which vehicles do you recommend for this kind of requirement.
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