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  1. Well, to be honest the ride is fine. And to my surprise even the warning lights are not showing up. So its okay as of now. )) Lets see till when..
  2. Thanks for the advice Gaurav! I appreciate your saying. This mechanic told me to go to any computer testing place where they will charge 80aed to reset the warning light. He told since he fixed the engine after opening it, this warning light showed up due to pressure change or new bearings maybe.
  3. Well, I ended up paying total of 3500 aed approx. 2000 aed parts. 1000 aed labour. And additional 400 aed for extras. ( engine oil, ac gas etc )
  4. Hey guys, Just wanna update you that i got my car back yesterday. And the mechanic repaired the engine with new parts. Car runs fine now. He asked me to drive at max 70kms/hr for 1 week and later with 100-120+ as the engine has been fixed and the parts are new. One thing more. Shows two signs in the odometer. 1. Engine sign 2. Airbag sign I asked the mechanic about it and he told me since the engine has been repaired it shows. And for airbag he told it will go away soon by itself. What do u guys say about it ?
  5. The mechanic told me he has a guy who will sell me 2012 used Tucson engine (kilometers done not known) for 4k aed with 10 days replacement warranty and he will charge me 500aed for fixing it. Now my only concern is whether or not should i change the engine or not.. These are the things which i need to replace and fix back if i repair my engine.
  6. My 2012 Hyundai Tucson 2.4L 4WD started making knocking (ticktick) noise from the inside part of engine. After check up came to know that the Crankshaft is damaged along with the bearing and the Rod. Should i repair the engine which will cost me (2100 aed for the parts + 1100 labour cost) or should i replace with a used engine which will cost approx 5000 aed.?? P.s. If i repair the engine, will any problem occur again in near future as the mechanic told better to put a new engine instead of fixing new parts.?? VID-20170629-WA0006.mp4
  7. Welcome to Carnity. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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