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  1. Mate it is the smart. But ill give you that. Many of them classics have three headlights. tucker 48
  2. Reliant Robin, Morgan something and Peel P50 Name a modern car with three lug nuts.
  3. Nothing I thought everyone has a phone that they bought because they liked it.
  4. Here is what you can do. As of now I don't know how to do it but if you get the idea you can work this out. Use search bar in a way that only images are shown!??
  5. Google it. You will have more success there than on a car forum.
  6. What about an lsd? Maybe something out of a mustang.
  7. Nice, then you should really consider wider tires.
  8. Hello, I am going to be working on the exhaust of the 1fz-fe. Rather than welding I want to be using clamps to hold the tubes together. Where is the best place to get some long decent exhaust clamps? A location that is rta friendly. Also what is the diameter of the exhaust of a 1fz?
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