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  1. Also recommended to change air filter and Sparks plugs at this age. I also changed front brake pads as well.
  2. I recently changed it at John's auto repair in Sharjah. It will cost you approx 550 in parts as u need to change belt and a few pulleys. The labor is expensive around 800 and it takes a whole day if u give the car in the morning
  3. How do you go about doing an insurance or dealer check or report to find out wheather car was involved in any major or minor accident or totalled.
  4. Thank you guys. I am not that well acquainted with pajaros, as this is my wife's car and has been quite trouble free till now. I need to do the 100km services and there is also some noise from the car when I let go of the power are low speed .. sounds like it's coming from axel. Wife thinks the rear axel is depressed to one side so need someone to looks at those two issues. Any garages you have been using in Sharjah where I can get some honest work done would be grateful.
  5. I am looking for a list of garages and workshops who specialize in Mitsubishi Pajaro in Sharjah or Quasis area. I need a regular for my wife's 2door 2009 2 door pajaro. It is a very mildly used car only used for daily commute on road for 20 mins daily. Some one who can also recommend things to be changed like boots n suspension issues. Can do all service and checks as per official service manual. Also can someone point me to a list of required 100km services for Pajaro. Respect and thank you.
  6. Welcome to Carnity. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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