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  1. Grinding noise comes from ac compressor bearings or compressor tensioner pulley. try a simple test, when you are in your parking with the engine running. Turn off/on your ac, check if you can hear the grinding noise. Have your ac bearing and ac tensioner pulley checked. Or.have them replace both and belts.. if these parts goes, your comperssor goes as well.. small parts are cheaper than replacing the ac compressor.
  2. Im with @Barry on this. Not unless you race your car.. you do not change the circulation of the watercooling system of your car. cabin heater is connected to the your car's engine cooling system. try turning on the heater when your car overheats.. this will gradually cool your engine, not 100% to normal temp but this will help you get to the nearest garage. in my experience, a car over 100k (or almost) need to change waterpump and thermostat especially here in the middle east. I think the simple thing is to do process of elimination. do the 100k maintenance (timing belt kit. water pump,
  3. Hi Guys, Just to give you an update. I still haven't gone to the above mentioned places, but the air filter that I ordered online came in yesterday. Air filter is one of the parts I am planning to replace along with the ICV and MAF. My air filter has not been replaced for a very long time. so out with the old in with the new. I notice that the air filter box is more sealed compared with the old filter. when I drove the car 'rev fluctuations' are not happening... today is the first day the started the car cold and drove to the office with out any issues.. I hope the air filter was the answ
  4. Great review! This car is on my car list, specially the 2dr manual!
  5. I’ll definately file my leave for the saja’a and have my me time! Hi dessertdude, my pajero still runs great aside from the icv issue.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I thnik cleaning it is out of the question. I know my way around cars and If I probably have a proper garage in a villa, I probably do basic maintenance myself. But this car its a bit old and there are alot of plastic parts that I do not want to break. I’d still do the third option just to check out saja’a because I’ve never been, then on my way back, check out jabal tokyo (i think ive been there before when I had to search for a 6g74 engine for my first pajero). Then eventually buy the parts from habtoor when I dont get a decent one. ju
  7. Thanks Barry! I’ll probably do the third option and drive around sharjah with my screw driver and pliers!
  8. Hi guys, I have a manual swb 1999 pajero and I think my ICV is ready to go with all the rev fluctuating. Just want to ask where to buy ICV for my Pajero other than Habtoor. Price from them are way out of my budget, letting me think of letting go my beloved SWB. Does any body know here where I can get a new one for a reasonable price. or I should start the scavenge hunt in mussafah or Sharja? BVB
  9. Thanks Gaurav for the quick response. I will share some pics soon. its an old gen 2 pajero (wide body) 2-toned, green & beige, which I inherited from my brother when he left Dubai. I am based in AUH and drive occasionally in DXB. I used to live in DXB until I move here for my work. I miss driving around sharjah looking at some used parts and cars which there is none here in AUH! there are some in mussafah but not like sharjah where they let you look around all day and no one will bug you. I am a bit OC when it comes to car interior and I've been staring at that broken vents for f
  10. Hi Guys, I am new to the group. Just a short intro, I have 1999 swb 3.0 manual pajero. Just done a major engine service @ 193kms and now PURRS like a kitty cat! I am now currently looking to go some interior work done. 1. is there anyone here can recommend an upholstery shop in AUH or DXB? I am looking to change my floor upholstery and some car seat covers and may be change the interior doors as well. 2. looking for a used or new ac vents on the dash. appreciate in advance!
  11. Welcome to Carnity. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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