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  1. Detailed post just before your post shah regarding borders and tips to salalah
  2. Imagine driving intercountry or interstate in a electric car😂😂 till the infrastructures ready to support such cars I ain't even looking at those ad's
  3. Oooh this is sooo tempting but I am blind as a bat 😂😂that's why I avoid driving in dark 😅
  4. Take the mezyad border early in the morning by 5 from Al Ain and then just keep going straight I took the more scenic route through nizwa and stopped there and bought an Omani sim for 2 riyal to avoid roaming charges ...you get 1.5 Gb of free internet data that you can use for navigation and valuable credit to make local calls my numbers 0501639797 currently only on whatsapp cuz I am still here in salalah tomorrow is my last day here. Take the stops and don't try to rush the drive make sure you fill your petrol to max after Ibri if you reach half tank since petrol stations are pretty far out after that... kids tend to get bored on long drives...entertainment is a key if you don't have an in car entertainment system bring those tablets...and try to tuck them in for most of the journey... most of all try to avoid crazy overtakers and over take only when the other track is completely empty. Good Luck 👍🏻
  5. was in salalah for two days to finish of sightseeing inside the city then moved to mirbat the drive is honestly not that long 30 mins tops but there is no street lamps and diversions make it hard to drive in the night so best is to do the drive before sunset.. the resort itself is wonderful beautiful location...friendly staff they got a hot tub next to the swimming pool😉 All fun we even saw few dolphins on the beach😅
  6. Nope haven't tried that I have navigation in my car which helped a bit still doesn't have all the places listed so it's best to mark coordinates on a gps device and then drive
  7. Weathers getting a bit warmer here .. but I'll list the places on day basis..and the ones that you can do together Ain Garziz, Ittin plains/oasis, Nabi Ayoub Tomb Al Mughasail beach, maneer caves and blowhole. Al Fazeyan Beach ( requires 4x4 ) Wadi Darbat, Ayn Athum, Anti gravity point. Taqa castle, Taqa cliff and beach and there's a wadi there too. wadi saihalnoot Ain Razat Salalah Gardens Mall Dahraiz beach and its coconut stalls and Al Husn Souq , Sultan Qaboos mosque.(for shopping) caution google maps turn by turn navigation doesn't work in Oman so having another device or map would help!!
  8. Just make sure your cars in pristine condition the mountains here tend to take a toll on the cars and I have seen a few cars heated up along the way ...
  9. No sid what I would advise you is start early in the morning by 3 ..reach the border by 5 there are no street lamps on most of the way so your better off doing it during the day... drives a bit boring but helps if you got good company and lots of tunes / movies
  10. Hii I am already here for the last 4 days been crazy khareef is still here amazing weather ... will share the experience with photos, I will be here till 31st august will go back to Dubai for EID
  11. seems like you guys had a blast irrespective of the minor setback...i will be joining on the next one for sure....as i had given my car on that day for inspection for the salalah trip
  12. this is perfect...a couple of can of this and i should be able to protect the front and the fenders.. any idea about headlights?? last time i used painters tape its blue and its ugly and also doesn't protect headlights.
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