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  1. Thanks bro. You really helped me clear away doubts. Actually, now , I decided not to go for Mazda. I think Hyundai Elantra or Kia Cerato can fullfill my needs Thanks man. I appreciate your advice. Actually I decided not to buy Mazda I once considered to buy Lexus but prices are high. And, toyota is for me a bit boring in terms of interior styling. So, I believe, kia cerato can be a good option as a small family car. What do you think? Or Elantra.
  2. Thanks , I was in a dilemma between buying this or no. now, I made uo my mind to choose a safer way. I am thinking to buy Kia Cerato, or, Hyundai Elantra, both are, as people say, fine. thanks for your honest advice
  3. Dear car lovers, I would love to receive your opinion regarding below. Recently, my ex-collegue told me that He wants to sell his Mazda6 2.0 2015 model. Mid option. Car is clean, no accident, no big issues. Almost perfect condition.He just recently changed the gear oil only car has done 75.000 km I know the market price. So, I felt that 40k aed can close the deal. however. I need to know If Mazda brand especially, Mazda 6 is reliable or not in a long term?( about maintenance, quality, parts service....etc) coz, I need to buy a car and drive it minimum 3-4 years Thanks in advance
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