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  1. dan.ilo

    Used Cars Depreciation

    Well, in my opinion, the major factors that affect the used car depreciation are the mileage, car condition and it's service history. First, the mileage will show you if the car is used for a long run and a long time. This will really affect its value since it shows far the car has been used. Second, the car condition affects the value of the car since it will show if the car is properly taken care of. And lastly, the service history will show the buyer a glimpse of the maintenance that has been done to the car. It will show you a background check so you can assess properly.
  2. dan.ilo


    Yeah, you're right. It won't be a surprise if there will be an amendment of the VAT
  3. dan.ilo


    You're definitely right about this. They are abusing this by making the prices more than 5% and it does not make any sense
  4. dan.ilo

    New one

    Hello there people, thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate this! I'm looking forward to discussing amazing things with you
  5. dan.ilo

    New one

    Hello everyone! A newbee to this community!