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  1. @Barry nice to hear that sir... Duterte was always profound on things that can help the progress of our country. As you've said its a great idea and as a matter of fact some cities already adopting this one.
  2. I wonder if 1 Like this hitting the roads in dubai!!!!!
  3. actually Im working in a hospital here in dubai as a registered nurse sir @Gaurav... @Barry thank you so much sir for researching our great PUV in the Philippines.. You completed my day!!!!LOL!!!!!! Thank you very much @ging
  4. can you recommend a better shop in sharjah then?
  5. Hello guys! Eid Mubarak to all of us... Does anyone tried the service of AUTOPRO SHARJAH near TASJEEL?
  6. Does anyone experienced hard steering on duster after 97K mileage?
  7. @Barry or an ex mechanic maybe?! lol... lets have some beers with shawarma..
  8. your edge there @hAwX was u bought your qashqai brand new.. so as @Barry said opting to used car is like gambling. so any place where a good used car is available? Thank you.
  9. I will surely consider your insights @shadow79. so can you suggest other option for me bro?
  10. I do appreciate your indispensable advice sir @Gaurav
  11. Thank you very much for the in depth advice @Barry
  12. I need your expertise regarding the pros and cons of Renault Duster 2015 2.0L A/T. Thank you very much
  13. thanx @barry & @shadow79 , preferably 5 doors; reliability over the style; fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  14. Hello guys I am planning to buy a pre-owned car that suitable for my family (4pax) that satisfy my our needs: the car must be: spacious; fuel efficient and reliable I do appreciate your expertise regarding my queries. Thank you very much
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