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  1. @Rahimdad Thanks for reminding that I didn't login for a while lol. @Jeh Bro they are quite cheap like any other car, I have 2006 x5 v8 4.4 If u r buying a pre owned car just make sure u get it computer diagnosed before buying not the rta passing. It gives u clear idea what u r buying. I have owned x5 for 14 months, nothing has been repaired other than break pads, break booster or refill of ac gas. Running strong roaring on road. If u r OK buying used spare parts it will turn cheaper than Japanese repair. Sounds funny but truth. My duster used to cost me a fortune even for regular repairs as compared to x5. Only thing is petrol is little on higher side. I am not a fan of saloon cars much so won't comment on 3 series but 5 series v6 is a good car. Rest x5 is never meant for off roads so don't try and screw your car it's very powerful lion on road but risky for deserts. U will love this ultra performance machine if u own. But on a verdict if saloon ,mercs are a more affordable option in long run. All the best
  2. Hi, I know this might sound little funny, but do you want to get the intake manifold checked for any leaks may be like a hairpin leak . sounds weirdo but that might fix the issue for you.. and yes get the throttle body cleaned once. Anyways, u r going to get lots of work done trying and testing try the one i recommend its cheap. if there is a leak in manifold try putting sealant but only toyota original if it secures the leak ur idling issue is gone forever. Mohit
  3. thanks Guys, I shall get the hosepipes changed then as summer is yet to get at its peak
  4. Hi All, Ramadan Kareem for all mates who are fasting " So, around 10 days back while driving to work in morning, i got a message on dashboard of my x5 check coolant level" this is quite normal for any cars to do so as I was just litteraly 200 metres away from my work drove and parked the car, after an hour i went to refill the coolant as I keep a gallon in both my cars as an emergency back up not just for me just in case anyone gets stuck roadside. So, the moment i opened the cap it was complete dry anyways on looking below the engine there was a little leak my first instinct was may be its a ac water as puddle was very minor. Moment i started filling the coolant it was dripping as if there is a crack in the chamber or radiator had burst. Anyways i took the car adjacent ADNOc petrol station and they refused to check it, all i asked them is to lift and tell me so that i dont drive and damage the engine but vain, sometimes its your day. Anyways, so i opened the hood to see any visible radiator leaks, temp gauge was still quite low hence took a risk and drove it to ENOC opposite Hyatt and there they have a proper diagnosis service centre. I asked them to check and the moment they opened the hood they said hose pipe is crack, to be sure they lifted and confirmed there is no other issues. now at the first instance they refused to fix it as they did not had original hose pipe... after requesting they said they will cut and reinstate the hosepipe as the damaged portion is very small Q. Does this fix stay for long (he said this is original BMW hose pipe damaged portion has been cut and fixed properly and none of the pipes are hard) But the point here is -- he literally kept the hoses loosen and made me wait for 1.5 hour there was lot of pressure and steam build up. "He told me unless he cools the steam and engine down wont put a drop of coolant as if he does it it will blow of the engine gasket or manifold or may be damage the car severely" I was very happy as he really did quality work, he could have just filled the coolant and let me go. SO just a note for everyone who are not tech savy/smart like myself please cool down your engine really well before refilling coolant or water just incase (summer tip) Q. Does AC freon leak in such cases , my ac freon was completely leaked, i refilled and its fine now chilling again but got curious as he never touched any ac pipes. Was just my roadside/drive experience if it helps anyone Take care.
  5. just be mindful that when bank car loan is cleared it can take upto two weeks for clearance to come and get uploaded on RTA system, before that you cannot change the Registration name. Ownership is still with the seller
  6. Mohit1

    RTA Renewal

    Hi Gaurav, I guess unless they mentioned steering work in your fail paper, they dont bother checking it, they would check your axle leak and break light. if you just fix that and register the car its better. You can later send it back to garage for other repairs. Problems never inform and come and I never let even a day pass by with expired plates but then sometime it happens when situations are not under your control. About the fine even though police gives verbal warning and spares at first instance occasionally its not worth taking a chance. I had steering issues in civic i used two years back , i just got a diesel wash done and then got passing done and then fixed it two weeks later in spare time. Rest your choice
  7. I agree to you both, but its funny as well. i like changing cars almost every year or two...to sell obviously i detail it but sometimes i have often been quoted as if i am dealer..lolz The thing is that when selling i try to tell almost any and everything to the buyer to be honest and give no surprises for anyone for future, for anyone who bought never had to call back but yes thank me for being honest. But yes today online portals are dominated by dealers as they crash your price, infact one of the portal very famous (not dubizzle) individuals often calculate the price on it and then quote which gets very annoying. I disconnect the call when people ask me last price some say we dont want to waste time but actually they waste time more than others. Thanks for tips guys
  8. I any day prefer buying my lube, filters or any additional spares required for timely maintenance and giving it in garage and getting work done in front of me.... not a trust issue but i like it that way... used to do in ENOC earlier cost is not that high but oil does not last very long.
  9. Just if it helps anyone still in trouble with Honda civic, only and only and only take the original hoses on honda civic... the aftermarket will never last long
  10. Thanks to Carnity where there is forum like a family then just Business :).. I am sure we all can sometimes recommend each other here and there.
  11. Hi All, Sure the problem was resolved for user.. but I have a x5 2006 model as well, other than a renault duster. I had this issue and for me it was funny fix did top up the gas with local shop which did not last more than a month. When I returned back to ac techs there disclaimer was to change the compressor as pressure was not correct and gas was still full . Compressor was intermediately working and cooling bleakly. I suspected it for some minor issue and refused to change the compressor without a through diagnosis. Eventually i ended with a ac tech in sharjah itself who said all that was needed was a genuine gas, so he vacuumed the old gas give some oil in the compressor(i have seen very few techs knowing this trick , i tried in Honda jazz before which lasted 4 years until i sold) refilled original gas... there you go its perfect now chilling like an ice I am not much knowledgeable about cars as many of you but for me to buy solution i need logic to it... most of the times we just buy the ideas of techs and repair parts and things which are really not required. We mostly buy pre owned cars and they are bound to have maintenance requirement after a period of time All the best for BMW users BMW indeed are ultimate driving machines... .dont give up and take a second opinion if in doubt for minor issues on your cars.
  12. Hi everyone, So this is what I did with a car and it works perfect now -Cleaned Injector they were not flushing petrol in uniformtiy - cleaned lambda sensor was also quite dirty problem unresolved - Computer showed throttle body errors cleaned it did not help changed it to a new one, did not help error was still the same so had to try another throttle body... this time it worked and misfire went off however, while throttle body was being fixed i was planning to check on gasket manifold leaks..... did a sealant ... Coz the problem was back i went to garage and got the sealant pasted nicely .... to my luck my car's performance is perfect now.. there were couple of issues - injectors -lambda sensor -throttle body -gasket manifold leaks Just in case this helps any one in future
  13. just top the power steering oil, thats the fix unless power-steering requires major repairs
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