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  1. @Gaurav and @skumar83 bhai, thanks a lot for the information. First i am visiting the Ace shop, as gaurav bhai said i will fix the recovery hooks first...and later i will fix the skid plate and bumper.
  2. Hi every one, First of all i should thank the Carnity Offroad Team for taking me to the desert with the wonderful convey and sending me back with improved skills and knowledge of offroading. When i had been to this newbie drive with carnity off-road team, i felt ok with my car performance, but i felt to fix the 3-issues before going to the next drive at the primary stage. 1. Lifting the Car suspension for more clearance. 2. Fixing the Recovery Hooks for Front and rear ( though it has assembling kind of hooks-screws). 3. Skid Plates below the Engine. 1. The first
  3. Hi..25mins we need to reach..2 cars are here..
  4. Thanks @Rahimdad.how to join you guys, in order to participate in the events and to drive with you.
  5. Hi Everyone, i have Jeep Cherokee Longitude-2014, with 3.2L Engine. Is this vehicle is capable to drive on sand. Can Some1 Suggest. Thanks.
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