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  1. @Gaurav and @skumar83 bhai, thanks a lot for the information. First i am visiting the Ace shop, as gaurav bhai said i will fix the recovery hooks first...and later i will fix the skid plate and bumper.
  2. Hi every one, First of all i should thank the Carnity Offroad Team for taking me to the desert with the wonderful convey and sending me back with improved skills and knowledge of offroading. When i had been to this newbie drive with carnity off-road team, i felt ok with my car performance, but i felt to fix the 3-issues before going to the next drive at the primary stage. 1. Lifting the Car suspension for more clearance. 2. Fixing the Recovery Hooks for Front and rear ( though it has assembling kind of hooks-screws). 3. Skid Plates below the Engine. 1. The first one i get it done by lifting it for 2'' at Sharjah, so i can feel bit safe on my front bumper. And i can feel the same quality of ride as before. But for skid plates and recovery hooks i have inquired with some shops, they were not much confident about fixing these things and the price they were asking was really high, so can some one kindly suggest that where i can fix these Tow hooks and Skid plate. And is there any other ways that i can use the rope/thread fixed to the bolt or plate. When i searched it online i found something as attached. Kindly refer me a shop, if some body knows in Sharjah or somewhere. Thanks. Prakash
  3. Hi..25mins we need to reach..2 cars are here..
  4. Thanks @Rahimdad.how to join you guys, in order to participate in the events and to drive with you.
  5. Hi Everyone, i have Jeep Cherokee Longitude-2014, with 3.2L Engine. Is this vehicle is capable to drive on sand. Can Some1 Suggest. Thanks.
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