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  1. Hi desertdude, thanks for the reply. I will looks at the VXR now. Re the diff lock, it's not something I require, bit I was of the understanding that it would be foolish to go on the dunes without one as it's what needed when you get stuck, but good to know it's not essential, I guess I better not get stuck.
  2. Thanks Rahimdad, re the "2014 pajero and above" , did mitsubishi change/ add something that year? Thanks sertac, the xterra seems to have some good dune cred. It's close to the top of my list.
  3. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on which make and model would suit for a family off roader and daily driver. My budget would be around 45k. I have done a minimal amount of off roading before and would be taking it fairly handy (ie not hardcore) because of two youngsters in the back and I don't want to wreck or wragg which ever car I go for. I have done a bit of looking and have come to the following conclusion: it needs to be a long wheel base with 4/5 doors, Japanese make, roof bars for a roof tent and have decent space for car seats and all the camping gear. FJ cruiser would be my ideal, but seems to be very expensive and models in my budget are in sh1t condition. Patrol and land cruiser seem to be over priced. And way too much for what I need. Pradro seem to be priced quite high for the year/milage I am interested in. Kinda the same with Fortuner. Nissan pathfinder and armada don't have diff locks, but are well priced and have all the bells and whistle. Xterra off road is capable but is to high priced for the quality of the interior. I also wonder about Nissans electronic 4x4 system. Land rover lr3 seems like good value but resale would be a nightmare and the air suspension is sketchy. I'm kinda pointing to a pajero lwb 3.8 at the moment as it has what's needed, diff locks, low range and loads of space. It's well priced and can fit all the family and extra gear. Please tell me there is something I have overlooked and there is a really cheap off-roader we'll within my budget.
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