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  1. Its NOT a used air filter , but it was air filter sensor, I assume it was ICV
  2. Thank you @Gaurav and @Barry . I am in search of a good mechanic and once I found, I will follow all above mentioned troubleshooting instructions and update here. Just listing them below. #Scan using a proper computer to find error code, if any. #Remove spark plug cables one at a time while engine running and try to locate problematic plug/coil/cable #Get the Air Filter check and replace if dirty #If there is no finding in above steps, replace ICV BTW now I recall similar experience in my previous Pajero [ 2K5 Model, 3.5K KM in ODM ]. Engine used to misfire during idle and then halt with a engine error light. Engine refused start until I remove battery terminal cable and connect it back, which resets the engine warning light. I was unable to reproduce this issue in the garage, mechanic did't find any error code during computer scan. I live with this issue for months by keeping a spanner near my seat to remove battery terminal when engine halts. Finally, one day I manged to take the car to the garage while engine warning light was ON and they found that issue was in air filter sensor. They recommended to replace it and told me new one will cost couple of hundred Dhirham. Mechanic arranged one spare from used market for AED100 and it resolved that issue forever. Now I think the part he replaced may be ICV. Thank you all for your support!
  3. @Gaurav Thank you, I searched for your ICV thread but couldn't locate it, appreciate if you could share the link. I will capture a small video clip while the issue happens and post here soon. @shadow79 Thank you for your hints, I will check this as well. @Barry Thank you, I tried to send you a message but didn't go through for some reason. Seems you are running a car garage somewhere UAE. If yes, and you can share location, I could take the car to you to get it checked.
  4. I checked the spark plug location, they are not reachable from top
  5. Thanks @desertdude . I completely agree on your suggestions and okay to try. But I think Pajero has only one spark plug visible outside and others are other side of the engine which cannot be reached without removing engine top. I will check this and confirm.
  6. Having an issue with my Pajero 3.5, missing during idle. No missing observed during start/cold start or during driving. 2011Y Model, 70K on ODM # Fuel efficiency: 6.5 – 7 KM / Ltr on normal drive, 7.5 KM / Ltr on highway 2.5K RPM, 8.5 KM / Ltr on highway 2k RPM. I am not sure missing cause high fuel consumption\ ## So far tried below ## # Replaced all spark plugs without luck from a local garage without luck. # I got it checked at Musaffah Bosch service centre Abu Dhabi and they couldn't find any errors in computer scanning. Suggested to remove all coils and check it using a multi meter for shortage and replace faulty coils in any. But they are not sure that this fix will resolve the issue. Finally they advised to drive the car until the issue become more saviour # Consulted another local garage in Musaffah, they suggested to remove all the coils and get it tested and replace the faulty if any, but they are also not confident that this will fix the misfire. # consulted Bateen Bosch service centre and they referred to Al Habthoor, # I hesitate to go Al Habtoor especially after going through the service costs in forums and since my car is old doesn’t worth too much spending. ### Please suggest or share your experience in on this issue ### Do anybody know good affordable garage/experts in Abu Dhabi for Pajero? ### If I drive with misfire will it cause any other issues? ### Will this cause increase in fuel consumption? Please any helpful advise on this.
  7. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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