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  1. So.....after going through recomendations.. Lifted the carpet and found no missing covers so i put a heat mat under the carpet which actually improved on the heat from the belly but realised i was still slowly baking my legs when driving, next i thought of was the cabin heater coil, realised it sends hot coolant through it all times even with the heater is off so disconected the hoses and rerouted/ bypass them back to radiator, problem solved. Question is do these old paj's have a valve that controls flow of coolant into the cabin heater coil? Or is it just free flow.
  2. @shadow79 going by the conversation do you have ur garage maybe i wil pay a visit one of the fine days?? Incase u do pliz drop ur location😊
  3. Thank you everyone for your inputs i will indeed check for missing ducts from inside of the vehicle. On most older vehicles removing the cat doesnt stop the vehicle instead it breathes with no restrictions and because i knocked the inside of it someone wouldnt know its missing by visually looking
  4. Desertdude actually there wasnt any lights or whistles since all sensors are before that cat and it runs great actually jst for the smell of exhaust if u stand behind the car, meanwhile am looking around for a good heat insulator to add beneath the carpet, watever is currently there if there is any it aint great. Shadow79 thanks i checked with the garage if anything was looking odd but they couldnt find anything Desertdude by anychance you know of someone who does a decent job on vehicle heat insulation ??
  5. Hello pajero owners i recently got myself a 2005 pajero 3.8l and of late the drivers floor panel is uncomfotably very hot, during summer i did not feel it since i had the a/c blowing full time. After a bit of research i thought the cat converter would be the culprit especially for a car its age so i knocked it out but the heat is still there though a little bit less, anyone had the same experience and whats the advice??
  6. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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