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  1. Hi Guys - any recommendations for alloy wheels in Dubai? Ideally after Alpina (OEM or Replica) and maybe AC Schnitzer - had a look online but not really finding much in Dubai. If not - anyone have experience of ordering alloy wheels from US / Canada / UK and know about shipping costs? Car in question - 2000 E38 750Li.
  2. Hi Guys, I purchased a 2000 E38 750Li and will receive it in 7 days time - any recommendations on the best BMW garage in Dubai? It is sold with leaks and the front left seat controls have a problem (as in i dont think they work - not sure if electrical problem or mechanical) so i want to get it checked over, maybe serviced and valeted. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hey Barry - it would probably be between 2006-2009 G5 / G55 with the G65 conversion kit (if that makes a difference - not sure if just cosmetics other than the alloys). I am making a shortlist of cars for both me and my wife:- Hers will be a G-Wagon or maybe even a Porsche Cayenne GTS and mine i am not so sure of - typical guy wanting all the cars! So far I am thinking Porsche 1995 911-993, Mustang 66-69 or even a Mercedes SL 1995. Mine would need to be a daily also so whilst i like the classic style cars it would need to have some level of reliability Have you done any other review BTW? Your one on the Mustang was fantastic
  4. Hi Everyone. I am considering buying a 2004-2008 G-Wagon for my wife and i was wondering if anyone can share their ownership experience? > What is the reliability like? > Ownership costs? > Drive, ride and comfort? Thanks for any input and feedback.
  5. Hi Everyone, I would like to hear anyones feedback about owning a classic Mustang - so 66-69 era. How is the maintenance and running costs? Reliability? Driving and ownership experience? e.g. can AC deal with Dubai heat. Also - anyone who has done any customization work on theirs - i have seen some with bigger wheels on the rear than the front which look super cool. Also, if you have had the interior trim swapped out - what did you get done? Who done it? How much did it cost? Thanks and look forward to hearing your experiences.
  6. Hey Gaurav - i would be buying it locally but it doesnt list if it is GCC spec or not (it is something i would check if / when taking it for a test drive). Thanks for the advice about the GCC conversion as i would have considered that an option if the 993 was not GGC spec.
  7. Hi Guys - hoping someone has some owner knowledge of what it is like having a 911-993 (1995) model in Dubai heat? I believe the 993 is air cooled so wondered how it would cope with Dubai temps (both winter and summer) - same goes with AC and can it handle the heat? I will be living in Dubai full time likely from next year (my wife is there now but i work away in Europe) so will need to get a car and one of the options is a 911 993. I intend to use it as a Daily Driver but would love to hear anyones experience of owning one? Even just general feedback.
  8. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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