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  1. Was in Hatta Sunday, seen about 5-6 of these parked around the hill park so asked one of the drivers about this sighting, it’s for moving equipment and stuff around (I think he said mainly in that area, I could be worng) and since there are quite a few unpaved roads in that region it allows easy access to such places - hilux driver How much of this is true or is the actual reason of having hilux taxis, I have no idea.
  2. @desertdude thanks a ton, truly appreciate it. I will first give iserviceanycar a ring purely cause they are very close to where I live. The 2nd phone is to Noor @Barry would you happen to have an individuals name for Iserviceanycar?
  3. Thanks for the list @Gaurav how can i check which members have experienced these places? I used to drive a 2008 pajero, currently driving a ford (rental) I am however on the look for a used pajero, any suggestions tips etc would be helpful Gaurav. @skumar83 him and me both lol. @Frederic Nuyttens will have a look at iserviceanycar and powertech. Max however (Vijay) my experience was not so good, service and price, both.
  4. I know its a long shot to have all of those in one but reaching out to see if anyone here knows any mech that at least comes close. Currently need some work done on a Kia Sportage 2012 - mounts, transmission oils change, plugs mainly. Think the drive belt and the idler bearings too. Makes a rumbling sounds while accelerating from stop position. All need some work done on the ford fusion make a weird sound (like as if a plastic card was flicking on a geared wheel) on slightly hard acceleration while taking a turn (stand still and slight momentum both) Lower arms and bushings were changed.
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