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  1. Dears , yesterday the mechanic advised me to change the radiator ( of course without bothering him self to open the engine cover at least !!!!) I decided to go with other workshop and i should guide the mechanic this time Iam thinking to start with replacing thermostat then check , next if not solved to replace water pump , and finally the radiator. Please share your advices how i should trace this issue . Note : all above parts i never replaced since i bought the vehicle around 4 years ago. Thanks
  2. @Barry where you mean by "here" is it UAE ? for me i will not give importance to little changing in heat needle reading if it will not reflects on vehicle performance and condition,,, this minor change lets the car enter to "crazy mode " as i explained.
  3. Finally i found somebody confirms that heat gauge reading should be near to C and i dont have underheat issue , hehe. @Gaurav for gear thud issue its also gone once i move and heat needle becomes below first mark , so i think its also linked with getting vehicle warmed or overheated. Maybe becose the gear radiator is getting more warmed. Regarding changing gear oil are you sure its ok to change? Coz in last maintenance i asked the dealer to change it but he told me if yiu you change it will destroy your whole gearbox and for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles its a lifetime oil.
  4. I already checked diagnostic code and no faults , in fact am sure that car is getting overheating or at least running warm but in both cases its affected the overall car performance once the needle reached to first mark above C or little bit exceeded while returns good once needle becomes below first mark. So definitely my problem is related to heat . I saw multiple replies that my vehicle heat needle shows under-heat which am not sure weather my vehicle heat needle like other all GCC Specs Infiniti's , so if someone have FX with GCC specs please to share about this matter. As i said earlier i driven this car for almost 4 years with heat needle just below first mark above C and i asuumed this is the normal. @treks please see both photos for RPM , considering AC working in both photos.
  5. See pic. , This is the optimum condition for heat and RPM , the vehicle with me since more than 4 years and this was the heating gauge marking all the time. Iam not sure other Infiniti like this or no
  6. Just for updating my case , last week i went back to same workshop and asked mechanic to cancel the bypass for heater pipes under my responsibility, i said return everything as it was and let me drive it couple of days to evaluate the situation, the surprise was that after returning the heater pipes to original status i didn't get the bad smell back from AC inside the cabin and AC working perfect like freezer ( dont ask me how bad smell not returned coz i dont know , hehe ) . However, still am suffering from slight overheating while car is standing or moving slowly which is affecting on overall car performance and make me feel nervous, as i said am starting to get grindings noises , RPM become higher the norm , and car want to go forward like you push the acceleration paddle,also when i slow down till 0 speed the gearbox shifting very rough from 2nd to 1st like someone hit you from back , AC performance becomes bad , whether temperature on dashboard raised over 50 c°!! and all of these observations gone and car returns normal when i drive it on speed 100km/h for around 1 min and vehicle keeps normal as long as i keep driving on highway.then again returns back to "crazy mode" once i stuck on traffic and so on!!! . Even in the night its doing the same , i cant believe that my dashboard shows weather temperature is above 43 c° in the night!! Please look to this pic while the car is in overheating condition, is the temperature gauge reading is normal like this? Also have a look to RPM reading while its on N position,its higher the norm
  7. Dears , any recommended workshop in Abu Dhabi that can really diagnose the causes with reasonable rates for repairs?
  8. Thanks for your valuable inputs , as next step i think i have to return the water heater connection to the original situation and see how is things will go on. I hope it will resolve the issue . If not ( and i hope not ) i will proceed with radiator replacement which i think will be costly. Last few weeks i spent over 1500$ for replacing AC compressor, condenser,AC filter, cooling fan , main engine belt
  9. Thanks Barry for your information, me too i was not satisfied when he advised to bypass water heater pipes , however do you think is there any kind of links between AC bad smell and water heater matrix?
  10. My regards to all, I have 2009 FX50 since two weeks i start facing problems with overheating. All issues starts when i replaced AC compressor which after replacement AC returns cooling perfect. but suddenly air recyclation was always switched off alone and bad smell comes inside the cabin. I went back to mechanic and he canceled the water heater line which goes inside cabin through front dashboard. Eventhough AC bad smell was gone because of this modification but i noticed the heating gauge was little bit raised up and keep satable . Two days later the car get overheating and i went again to mechanic he found the second fan not working and i replaced it . Now there is no risky overheating, but car not like one month earlier, its simply becomes crazy and still mechanic tell me everything is fine but am sure its not. Now the temperature gauge is raising little bit up if i stop on signal or stuck in traffic, by raising up the rpm raised to 900 instead of 700 , i hear upnormal noises similar to grinding noises , i feel this rough noise when i put my hand on gear stick and the overall temperature in engine compartment is higher than what i used to feel earlier, as a confirmation to this the wheather temperature display on dashboard increases 4-5 c° while stopping car for 1 min. Meanwhile when i run with car at speed 100km/h for 1 min everything returns fine , no noise , temperature gauge returned to original position, temperature display in dashboard decreases to normal wheather temperature . Can anyone help me on this? If i returned the water heater connection is it going to resolve or affect my problems?
  11. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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