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  1. I drove Nissan Patrol 2015 SE mid option 320 HP yesterday and I really enjoyed the drive. Than got the chance to drive the GMC Yukon Denali 2016 and I could instantly see the difference. Although the sheer size of the Denali is breathtaking, the power it outputs manages to compensate with the weight. Overtaking was much easier in the Patrol though. Still deciding... I don't want a vehicle that will hemorrhage money. The SE version really doesn't have much to offer compared to the Platinum one.
  2. Hey all, I am looking into buying a Nissan Patrol SE or LE platinum between the year 2013 - 2016, but I'm confused which engine size to go for? I'm not a desert safari type of guy. My daily road mileage is about 100kms. Rarely travelling from sharjah to dubai/abudhabi. Should I go for V6 or V8? Should the V8 be 320 or 400 HP? Which one has better fuel economy? I believe both fuel tank capacity is around 140 Litres taking about 250dh to fill. Also how are the spare parts prices for the Patrol? Is it easily available and cheap to repair? Need your advice please. Appreciate it.
  3. True, I only recently changed the top engine mount, water pump and drive belt which cost me around 1000dh with fixing charges, I got it from sharjah authorized dealers. And to think that Jap cars are reliable and cost less to repair.....
  4. could you please give me the exact website for checking vin numbers. thanks
  5. do you know of any specific shop in sharjah? appreciate it
  6. dunno if the showroom guys in sharjah souq agrees to that, but worth a try. thanks
  7. Can you please tell me where to get japanese ones in sharjah or ajman? thanks
  8. Hey all. So I noticed my 2005 camry (american specs, done 165 k miles) started giving some crinkling noise when I'm on u turn both ways left and right. It increased gradually and only occurs at u turn or turning the steering wheel more on both sides. The ride is smooth and brakes are working fine. I went to a garage to check it out and he said that it is the axle which is making the noise. So naturally I went to one of the authorized spare parts outlet in sharjah and they quoted me a whopping 3000dhs for 2 axles. The car is only worth about a mere 12k dhs. Its a lot of money for axle repair. Please advise on what to do now? Should I buy a second hand axle or get a new Chinese or Thai one? Has anyone had a similar experience and what did they do?
  9. thanks for the detailed info. Yes the ABS has many problem but as far as I have researched they have fixed this after the 2010 models. It won't run beyond 250k kms I guess. My mitsubishi 4x4 also has the ABS light but its merely the sensor and the brakes are rock solid. I will definitely get a comprehensive test before purchasing a 2011 or 12 LS460. Could you tell me how costly are the usual spare parts which needs to be changed on a regular basis? which comprehensive testing is the best, shamil or tasjeel?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me how costly are the spare parts? The regular stuff which needs to be changes like brake pads, sparks, belts, etc??
  11. the looks are crazy, amazing curves, they are following suit with the new honda accord. its about time.
  12. pretty late reply but u can just cover the dashboard with light carpet or dashboard fittings to save money. camry 2007 and 2008 seem to have this common problem in the heat.
  13. Can't help much cos of the traffic, any car would be using a lot of fuel at stationary traffic. I own a camry 2005 v4 model, american specs. Full tank costs 150dh and drives about 530-560kms in city mixed with highway. But only highway rides go up about 100kms totaling at about 650kms on a full tank. I have tried various fuel injectors and they have only given about a 50-60kms bonus. I tried 95 and 98 petrol but didn't get a noticeable difference on the 98. Tyre pressure is quite important and ofcourse your own driving style matters a lot as said above.
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