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  1. Thank you! After reading all the info you guys shared and doing some more digging (not in the sand), I would like to own a more recent model. @Craig I'll post a pic as soon as I get it, pinky promise ☝️(couldn’t find a pinky😁)
  2. I almost did but then the seller backed out and decided to keep it. After that I almost got a 2005 model but then decided against it. I've decided to get at least a 2012 or preferably newer, and am hunting for a good one now again. Here's hoping I'll soon be part of the Jeep community.
  3. Thank you all for your replies! I do learn a lot from each discussion 🤓
  4. Hello everyone, I am considering switching to a SWB car. Already test driven SWB Pajeros and Wranglers; automatic and manual. I remember reading somewhere that Wranglers from a certain year till another year were to avoid due to some issues they had. Any thoughts and opinions? I want it to off-road. My drive to work is cut down to 10 minutes only (although I've been working from home since March 2020), so that won't be a problem. I don't necessarily want a super cheap one, as the resale value of Wranglers holds pretty well, I think. Thank you in advance!
  5. Thank you 😊 I’m virtually blushing A promotion would also be a great recognition/ birthday gift (Christmas day) 😉
  6. @Alexander Alcala tu lengua materna es el español! Verdad? Te he pillado por el jajaja 😉
  7. Trip report: Another beautiful drive, fast paced with continuous fun around majestic red sand dunes, filled with bowls presenting opportunities for crisscrossing, ridge riding and side sloping. In several occasions, we took turns to test our cars and skills going up high dunes, under @Emmanuel‘s watchful eye. And that was including Iftar bowl! Stucks and refusals were minor, despite the very soft sand and the difficult area. Chapeau to all drivers, especially those who were newly promoted. @Tero Vallas passed his first second lead test with flying colors. A very skilled and most importantly calm driver who adds to the relaxed vibe of such a drive. The same goes for our sweep, @Alexander Alcala, whose role was crucial to me personally, as I was relieved knowing he was at the back making sure no one was left behind when we had to find our way. @Craig Finlayson, as usual with his great vibe and calm when having to manage tricky situations, contributed to the success of this drive. I also want to thank the rest of the convoy for assisting during recoveries, waiting when asked to, and managing the area where we were surrounded by a huge number of cars which slowed our pace as they were unexpectedly crossing our path. If I have to be picky, which I easily am 😁, I would add a couple of things to avoid in the future: 1. Do not alter the convoy numbering even when you have got momentum to keep going when the car before you had a refusal or is making a second attempt. We have seen this lead to cars crashing and we certainly do not want that to happen to anyone. It is better to wait even if that gets you stuck. 2. Keep a safe distance, although you might fear losing the car in front of you. On myriad of occasions when I had to make a loop and go again, I found myself closely followed by the car behind me which sometimes hinders that attempt as there is not enough room around bowls. Apart from that, I truly believe it was a fun drive where we all enjoyed the area and what it has to offer.
  8. Hope you were able to see the videos as well. Had great fun seeing you all enjoying yourselves 🤗
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