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  1. arunnvs


  2. hey guy back after a while.. would love to get 100 points to be active again
  3. Thanks Gaurav Bhai for the reply, its a 2013 Fortuner from automall , i did a 40k run after the purchase. never did a flush
  4. "FT" quoted me 425 Aed, and on much intervals we should be doing ? I have never done it on my second hand car
  5. i was fully excited for some super awesome burn carbs exercise !!!
  6. That High tempo music part always works best. i always listen to EDM
  7. Unexpected cost mainly, Just broke the motor inside the power mirror. and the spare part shop doesnt have a motor replacement, instead a complete mirror for 590 Aed. currently removed the power mirror connection.
  8. Thank you so much for the points. Appreciate it
  9. Would love to get 100 carnity points for being a active member...
  10. Make my 2.7 fortuner suitable for desert drives like buying 4X4 accessories(Most Important ones) Then join you guys for the weekend trips Yepieeee
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