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  1. Oh ok.I put 5w40 lexus oil and used atf oil after a flush..can u pls explaing more about the burning oil issue is there any part that shoud be replaced?I am worried now.
  2. Hi guys I just purchased 06 camry gcc spec made in australia.i want to change engine oil and transmission oil as previous owner maintained from dynatrade and I guess they are using total oil.I was wondering if I change to toyota atf type t4 transmission fluid will it damage the tranny and what oil visco do you recommend and brand.I saw lexus oil 5w40 full that ok to use.I have only 100kms left for next oil change.dont know which oil to use as the dubai temperature I heard it hits 45 -50degree.just confused and any recommended any thing to consider ehile changing transmission oil shall I buy crush washer or anything else to buy etc..
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