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  1. Gentlemen... First of all....i am really feeling good about the number of people actually providing me with a lot of suggestions and feedback....it really shows signs of good spirits....i would really want to appreciate everyone here.... Second....the pictures you had seen about my car.....front side.....well the car was on park mode....which is why it might seem to be lowered....so the vehicle has an auto suspension based on the different modes of drive....as per a very recent conversation with trading enterprises....they to safeguard their brand and model were justifying that the car has various suspension modes and power to make it offroad friendly.....i have attached pix in both park mode as well as offroad 2 mode which is the highest in the car. as well as the various stats that show in the display during offroad...for which I would still require your expertise if its still recommendable or not.... However the front tow hooks could be very tricky....as @Gaurav had suggested to check with trading enterprises to swap the bumpers with the trailhawk version......upon checking with trading enterprises...they mentioned that even though it falls under the grand cherokee family.....the body of summit is wider than the trailhawk, overland or laredo version...and indeed i could still upgrade to the SRT or trackhawk body kits as the body size is the same to that category.....Summit is more of the luxury range but with a 5.7liter and 407bhp power under the hood....I would still need to check with some pro garage guys if i could probably get the hooks in front installed custom made without doing much that could affect the warranty.... Thirdly....i might not be approaching the right guyz for insurance....but i have been getting refusals saying offroad insurance is not what they would add on to my policy....i need to do more R&D on it..... I am happy for the suggestions you guyz have given me to get the tools for offroading from Dragon mart and ACE hardware...but i guess sorting out the other technical aspects is on priority....
  2. Hello pplz I am Ashwin.. And I am driving a brand new grand Cherokee summit 2018 model... I am absolutely a newbie with zero experience in offloading.... Even tho having desert training from driving institutions... I am sure group trips and experience only counts... However I have been following carnity and the discussions...and its a great platform for all grades of offroaders. I have certain queries being a fresher into offroad which I would be seeking some suggestions:- 1. My car was registered in Dubai with Qatar insurance when I got the car in June... Now I had called them asking for an endorsement or addition to my existing policy... To include off-road cover... But they declined or refused to add... So I am stuck to wait till renewal of my car... To take a new policy with RSA which has a an off-road cover... But it could probably put a hole in my pocket...and funny bit...they are covering only 50metres of offroading ....So my question is...since I am not being able to find a solution to it.... Is it really mandatory? .. I understand it's safeguarding all risks.... But I am left with no option... Or alternatively would you be able to suggest on what can be done for this situation? 2. One main thing I noticed in all group discussions is... Inclusion of tow hooks in front and back... Unfortunately and weirdly... I do not have tow hooks on my front and back bumper side... Upon checking with trading enterprise... They can provide me with back tow hinch... But they do not have any scope for front tow hooks...as the front bumper has lot of sensors and grills... I am attaching the pix for your reference... Would you be able to help Me out on what can be done for this... 3. I do not have any 4x4 accessories for recovery or inflating or deflation.. Which I need to purchase... So would you be able to suggest a good place.... And what are the basic things really required for the vehicle to move around offloading without much tensions... Also incase I need anything to be fixed.. It can happen on the spot.. Also I did not really understand the terminology "radio" used in many threads... Regalar touch screen radio which is fit in the car? Or something new and extra - like a walkie talkie? if so how is it used? and where to get all of these? 4. How far does an additional cold air intake help in terms of offloading? Which trading enterprise is offering to me..for 3000dhs.. I would appreciate if you could really help as I am enthusiastic about off roading... And would love to explore more.. and really want to start joining you guyz...but unfortunately i am facing these situations... Thanks Ashwin
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