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  1. At the beginning, I didn't know exactly what the light was but after reading the thread, it looks like the same issue. It's parked up now for a few hours, so I'll check everything that people have recommended before I drive it again. Keep coming with the advice though, it's very much appreciated.
  2. Hi @Gaurav, It's the Central diff light for sure.
  3. Hi there, I just noticed an orange transmission light flashing on the dashboard this morning, of a 2010 3.5 lwb Pajero. I tried the 4 wheel selection but the lights are not changing on the dashboard, no response from the car and also there's no light display from the 2wd selection either. It seems to be driving fine, the only sounds I notice is a liquid gushing sound, if I stop suddenly or change in to reverse Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this failure?
  4. It depends on what type of off road driving you'll be doing, @Gaurav is the man you want to chat to about off road driving and tyres. The link I posted rates every tyre on off-road but seeing as they're mainly highway tyres, they won't be fantastic.
  5. https://m.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/surveydisplay.jsp?type=HAS This website is American but all the tyres have been independently tested, so it gives you a very good breakdown of each tyre. General grabber are currently on the new Pajero but the nexen RO-HTX RH5 is getting great reviews and is very reasonably priced here. The previous owner of my car has Michelin put on, and they're an excellent highway tyre but expensive. Did you use pitstop Arabia to search for prices?
  6. Thank you Frederic, very much appreciated.
  7. Hi there, I am looking for help in trying to install isofix points in my 2010 Pajero. Has anybody done this before? I really don't want to sell the car.
  8. http://www.pajero.guru/mitsubishi-pajero-buying-guide/ This helped me weed out a lot of cars. Be very picky, check what work will need to be done at the next few services, as this will help you decide what the car is actually worth. The people who sell these cars in the markets couldn't care less about the car or you. It's your money, so be absolutely fussy with handing it over. Check everything works inside the car, including the back seats, the spare tyre, basically everything. The guide above will give you a good idea of how you should check the car. I've walked away after 1 minute with some cars. Best of luck Sorry, once you've narrowed it down to one, ask a garage to look through it. They could spot other issues, so you can use it to reduce the price further.
  9. The police tell people not to change lanes quickly but when you have most lanes occupied with cars driving at the same speed, sometimes you need to drive like the start of an F1 race. Lane discipline means nothing over here, so it's important to check both mirrors all the time. Also a dashcam has been very helpful in reporting dangerous driving, especially as people become more crazy due to the economy.
  10. Good afternoon, I'm so grateful for finding this forum. Mitsubishi charged me for an engine flush at 30k service. There was a, how would I politely say, a language misunderstanding but they went ahead with it anyway without me actually stating that I wanted this. After a big argument, they said they would give 40% off parts and labor for next service. Is the flush necessary? I don't see it being recommended by Mitsubishi.
  11. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Please spend a few minutes and do read About us and Frequently Asked Questions

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