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  1. Cheers Barry, Im the mechanic in question, so I will let myself know 😎
  2. Almost 90% of my race Honda I build was shipped in, But as I only really require 1x item, I think i might need to suck the extra cost for convenience. I will see what they say .. As i small business owner, i understand the cost of running a company.. but in this town it always seems to be retail + 50% mark up
  3. Thanks guys, I have emailed Torc as they didnt pick up the phone and Whatsapped Mebar.. I note that Ramy is approx 1050USD. inc vat, ok so in USA they are 725USD , So If i allowed 100USD shipping and call it 50VAT , they are still having a bit of a laugh if they are infact a "dealer" , Somewhere in Area of 870USD in should be what i would call the Dubai price
  4. Hi Guys, Here is a link to the video one of our supporters made. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the Navigation seat with the Great Mark Powell, as we thundered across the Choppy desert. Much more technical than Al Qudra races prior We achieved a solid 2nd place, and it was the first Rally ive finished both rounds in, and my first off-road podium.
  5. Hi Guys, I need to get some upper control arms for my 3 inch lift on my 2008 Fortuner, Its a pretty common arm, same as fitted on 2007-15 FJ and also, Tacoma and Hilux. I wanted to get a decent one such as a totalChaos, Camburg or something along those lines with a Uni Ball instead of the rubber boot. Has anyone seen anything like this in shops around town, or do i need to order in.. they retail for about $725USD in the states, so not cheap, but usually in this town it means 1120USD ++++++ Any advice welcome Cheers James
  6. Lap57 in Al Quoz, is a great non-dealer honda shop. I buy a lot of OEM original parts there and Rasvi and His team know their stuff from running hondas for years in endurance racing.. Now this is not to say they just do race cars, as that oftern scares people off. but they are in-fact well trained Honda experts and thus get my recommendation, which is not given often in this town
  7. Saturday is round 2! same start time, same place send me a PM and I will give you my whatsapp ready to rumble
  8. Hi Guys, Just a quick message. I will be desert recovery for Saluki Motorsport for Friday and Saturdays Dubai Baja. We are running 2x buggies and 1x UTV Anyone interested should take a look should check out the website http://www.dubaiinternationalbaja.com/ Its not the best organized website, but there is maps and guides on there. Our first Buggy leaves Dubai Autodrome at 7AM SHARP , so any early birds outt there can come to Autodrome, then follow the cars out to Al Qudra ( near the solar farm) I will be in the Saluki Team Nissan Patrol.. It is a 200KM set of loops in a figure 8 each day. Opening Ceremony is tonight at 6pm Sharp at Autodrome Cheers All James
  9. The Saluki Motorsport Buggy works pretty well in the sand for a 2wd ( it is JK Jeep powered)
  10. Im a DIY guy so brought a set and attacking it myself, It may not need the blocks, i will see how it goes once fitted
  11. HI Every One, im new here, to dig up an old topic, Ive got a set of Fox 2.0 im fitting to a 2008 fortuner as our desert work horse vehicle.. I think i will need some lift blocks for the rear coils as the front coil-overs are height adjustable.. - Could anyone be more specific on a shajah workshop that might be able to help out - name - address would be great
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