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  1. Saturday is round 2! same start time, same place send me a PM and I will give you my whatsapp ready to rumble
  2. Hi Guys, Just a quick message. I will be desert recovery for Saluki Motorsport for Friday and Saturdays Dubai Baja. We are running 2x buggies and 1x UTV Anyone interested should take a look should check out the website http://www.dubaiinternationalbaja.com/ Its not the best organized website, but there is maps and guides on there. Our first Buggy leaves Dubai Autodrome at 7AM SHARP , so any early birds outt there can come to Autodrome, then follow the cars out to Al Qudra ( near the solar farm) I will be in the Saluki Team Nissan Patrol.. It is a 200KM set of loops in a figure 8 each day. Opening Ceremony is tonight at 6pm Sharp at Autodrome Cheers All James
  3. The Saluki Motorsport Buggy works pretty well in the sand for a 2wd ( it is JK Jeep powered)
  4. Im a DIY guy so brought a set and attacking it myself, It may not need the blocks, i will see how it goes once fitted
  5. HI Every One, im new here, to dig up an old topic, Ive got a set of Fox 2.0 im fitting to a 2008 fortuner as our desert work horse vehicle.. I think i will need some lift blocks for the rear coils as the front coil-overs are height adjustable.. - Could anyone be more specific on a shajah workshop that might be able to help out - name - address would be great
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