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  1. To agree with your point, i would share below vedio link, show the LC-150 using crawl control to drive through mud and hill climb but not succeed; H'ever, number of vedio showing use of crawl control to un-stuck car from sand!! May be drive experience, overcome such super advance systems!!
  2. Some interesting fact figures of Automotive Industry. (Statistics & Facts), pl see below link: https://www.statista.com/topics/1487/automotive-industry/#dossierSummary__chapter2
  3. Thanks. Nice observations and very well said " mild off-roading"!! May be good option for overland than typical desert drives. H'ever, looking to its cost under 85K, 7 years warranty etc. are pretty good offers..
  4. Hi, Hope, all are safe. Just watching vedio on youtube on off road ability of Suzuki Jimmy to drive in sand. I wonder, with limitated power of 1462 CC, 4 Cylinder and approx 105 HP, it was giving smooth driving in sand. Don't know, whether same car has joined CARNITY drive before!!? @Gaurav @Rahimdad Or, someone show this model on sand and any experience. Thanks and take care please!! Pl see below link for sand drive vedio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtVMdAN8_rE
  5. No doubt, such surveys are done based on location and geographical conditon. It seems that Car makers are introducing thier models with somes changes in RPM & Torq etc. according to the region. Pl see below link for detailed information: https://www.msn.com/en-ae/cars/news/best-selling-cars-trucks-and-suvs-so-far-in-2020/ss-BB12eB3C?ocid=spartanntp
  6. Fond of long drives in home country and explore mother nature. In UAE, after joining Carnity, gives good platform to the person kind of me to explore mother nature, play with Sand, away from concrete jungle, team work, endless leaning opportunities.....all possible with with off-road drives!! This is unique happiness, you can't buy
  7. Unique, advance and welcome technology developed by introducing environment friendly organic battery. Radical environmentally friendly organic batteries are a “very promising technology” being evaulated by Mercedes-Benz for future use in road cars – but it's at least 15 years away from mainstream production. Pl see below link for detailed information: https://www.msn.com/en-ae/cars/news/mercedes-benz-organic-batteries-a-very-promising-technology/ar-BB123xLb
  8. Belated Happy Birthday, Dear @Rahimdad Bhai!!!
  9. Thanks. @Gaurav regarding your comment " newly designed bumper skirt", is the same case applicable to Prado VXR V6 2018 too or Prado model onward 2020!!? Thanks for your feedback in advance!!
  10. Hi Zed, I need to install flag mount in my prado. Finally, what option, you were opted? Are you happy with that solution? it will help me to choose better option!! Thanks in advance to give your time
  11. Appreciate for your clarity. Would you Illuminate; Whether, Central Diff lock and Central Diff lock with limited slip differential are same? How A-Trac is different from diff lock?
  12. Hi, My previously owned FJC 2018 was equipped with Crawl control & A-TRAC. But during several drives, I did not get the chance to use it but show lots of video about is importance. Now, I owned PRADO VXR 2018 having Central Diff Lock with LSD but excluded features like Crawl Control & A-TRAC. I tried to dig out difference of functions of "Crawl Control Vs Central Diff Lock with LSD" but could not get comprehensive clarity about utilization /advantage of Central diff lock with LSD to compare. Pl share your views / guidance to enhance better clarity on its functions / advantages. Thanks in advance for your support.
  13. Agreed. I do not recommend to drive in low range when you can drive in high range. I was trying to address methods of desert driving teaching in those video uploaded on youtube, to drive in low range gear. I would always prefer to drive in high range and D drive mode normally, unless stuck / refusal /situation demands.
  14. Actually, on you-tube, lots of video guiding desert driving in Low Range Gear. For absolute newbie, that shall be bench mark for desert driving. But, your point is definitely valid to avoid low range gear when you can drive in high range gear.
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