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  1. That is what I thought too. After purchasing that used car under warranty, while trade in with other agency, valuation guy personally informed that car seems accident history. I think, this fact was intentionally hide by used car dealer executive. Also, the same car was under scheme of free insurance and benefit was not passed to me as well. This fact was conveyed by their teammate during trying to resale the same car to them.
  2. One of my known person in Toyota, told me that noise arise due to roof rack!!
  3. KIA MOHAVE TOP END and dealer is well known in used car nearby Dubai Festival City (I don't know implication of quoting name in this country but name is famous).
  4. @Rahimdad rightly said. While trade in my previous car purchased from famous used car dealer in Dubai, dealers reduced 10K straight away than market price on hearing used car dealer name. When I tried to re-sell the same car to the same dealer within purchasing of 5 months, was offering 63% less than price of sold. This mathematics are beyond my imagination.
  5. @MATHEW FELEX Big thanks for your concern. I will do it!!
  6. I would first go for solutions to get rid from current noise from Radical at Ras Al Khor as suggested by our community member. At the same point of time, i would get idea for RTT too!!
  7. Thanks @MATHEW FELEX That is really helpful reference and advise!! Thanks @Srikumar That's really self explanatory and helpful!!
  8. thanks @Javier M for your kind suggestion
  9. Thanks @Srikumar for your suggestion. I appreciate, if you can refer or recommend any car accessory shop or garage who can fix it!!
  10. Hi Friends, Two days back, i had installed roof rack on my FJ. After installation and crossing speed above 80 km, annoying aeolian noise started. This is discouraging to go for long drive and disturbance for co-passengers as well. I need your expert advise or solution to get rid from this noise. Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions!!
  11. Biggest headache for me , is fix cost...I.e. annual registration cost and increased insurance cost .
  12. It has glamorous features and gives complete family SUV feeling. I don't know, how good on off-road but definitely has impressive features prima facie. I had KIA MOHAVE Top End Model before and carrying eye catcher interior features except its re-sale value. I used to take it off road as well, and was quite impressive. I hope, Telluride would have more excitement output on & off road including re-sale value!!
  13. Good effort. I remembered my car touched during first drive. Fortunately, I had comprehensive off-road package and other party was very understanding. These are possibilities and I accept it and pay full attention on not to repeat same mistake and careful while judging the sand.
  14. Very nice 👍 theory. Truly ready reckoner for all level off-roaders!! 👏🏼
  15. I know I will have same enjoying ride at mid night too. 😀 I have tried to make correct path. Pl check.
  16. Unfortunately I didn’t save. But link of location MAP is the only details I have. After crossing wadi Sena, you will enter in wadi sidr. Place is quite and peaceful but dry. Definitely loved by Off roader and ideal for outing. There is no indicator where to start climbing, when you’ll reach at destination as per location map. You can ask local residents or take me😀
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