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  2. Big thanks for this event to everyone! Perfect lead by @Rahimdad with nice terrain routes and supported sweep by @Srikumar and @Gaurav. Other members well done!
  3. Guys , my number is 0508407408 if anything. Have a good evening for everyone! See you all tomorrow at sand
  4. Hi guys! Would like to join this drive with you. Have all necessary things: recovery points, rescue equipment, Walkie talkie, flag pole and others.
  5. My big big sorry to all , crews and members! Sorry guys for keep you waiting for me that time. Really want to join you on next trip , may be from next level after newbies )) cheers! 0508407408
  6. Guys, sorry that I missed your drive today. Hopefully will come on next drive ))
  7. Hi guys! I have RAV4 4x4 with all recovery points. But still not sure for this drive, sorry
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