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  1. There are lots of reasons you should be excited about the new Toyota Camry. New Camry comes with a stunning aerodynamic design which augments its speed. The plush interior with superior leather crafted with two-tone stitching gives a comfortable ride for passengers. It consists of high-tech safety features such as lane departure assist and pedestrian alert. More importantly, Toyota has also introduced the hybrid version of this car making it the most anticipated car in the market.
  2. When you are driving in the city traffic where you face constant ‘stop & go’ traffic, there isn’t much you can do about it. Although the city mileage and highway mileage differs, it is important to know a few issues about city traffic. One thing you can do to get more mileage is not to hit instant acceleration. On top of that, you should apply soft braking and soft start for better mileage. This way Camry Hybrid mileage can be improved.
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