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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergher for this drive in an entirely new area in Sharjah. The place had some amazing and breathtaking views of dunes, and at the same time - quite technically demanding terrain. The sweep duty was a first for me, and all that experience on my lower level drives, at the back of convoys helped me in navigating the soft and churned up sands. I should say that all the fewbies did exceptionally well today without any issues barring a couple of small refusals which were managed quite well. Hence, did'nt have much to do except the boring announcements of "we are moving a
  2. I dont want to jinx myself by saying this... so far , my stock bumper is safe ...but i just got into the intermediate level...so 🤞 how do you monitor the "fluctuation" ? Is it just by the needle guage? If YES, the fluctuations will be very minor and you may not be able to recognise it, it could just remain in the centre within a range say 10 degC. I use an OBD scanner permanently connected and showing me the temp in digits through an app on my phone. So there is always fluctuation. Coolant temperatures are rarely constant on a desert drive. I toyed with this id
  3. OK, first of all ..Thank you @JAISROCK for shaking up this , otherwise dormant Jeep Wrangler forum 👍.. My "upgrades" are quite cheap, as i am a firm believer in the Carnity Philospohy of "Keep it stock" ...so no lifts, no reservoir and bypass shocks, no large tyres, no re-gearing etc. mainly because i dont have the money 😂😂 1. Auxillary Fan -300AED - Added a fan in front of the radiators - This helps a bit in technical drives where the car speed is very slow and the radiator doesn't get enough air draft. 2. Low temp thermostat (open at 75 Deg) - 250 AED - This helps in m
  4. Great midweek drive, new area, beautiful scenery, different vegetation , totally unexpected terrain for me, which demanded a different style of driving all throughout. Technical but not the style we normally do between tight dunes. Here, the challenge was to avoid tree stumps, sand mounds with hard bushes, varied vegetation and on top of it - soft sand and slip faces!! Also , a spectacular view of the sunset on a sand dune horizon...priceless!! Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for organizing such a different/creative drive, after a long gap. I remember seeing a similar drive notification way b
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