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  1. Wow, Good to know that. I will try now. Thanks alot. 👍
  2. It was after my last desert drive. I think of going to some workshop to check.
  3. Hi, if anyone can tell what is the Minimum/standard distance between front tyres to the front bumper, as my tyres are touching front bumper if I am going above 80 KMPH and also while turning.
  4. Automatic identification (auto ID), Technical Manager
  5. Visibility, rugged, space and everything else 😀
  6. Can you please name the dealer so anyone give a try later.
  7. You made a good decision. Congratulations. Peace.
  8. GhalibDXB


  9. WOW! What a day! It was my first drive as a newbie, the day was started with the struggle to reach the meeting point due to fog but I was on time. David helped me to remove my rear bumper. The brief from the Rahim and Gaurav was fantastic and all my questions were answered with lots of information about the safety, desert driving, and the car. All the marshalls were amazingly monitored every driver from the front and back, correct them as required. at one point, I was unable to clear and got stuck. I was about to recall the brief, what to do next? but from the blink of an eye, I saw Gaurav behind me start giving instructions and I was out peacefully.👍 Everyone was very helpful and ready to do their part, we ended with a fantastic breakfast which was my 2nd time in the day :) the only thing missing was the Karak chai. (i will bring next time) I have learned a lot of things and will definitely be a part of this family. :) And finally, the hug from Rahim bhai was very special.:) 👍 "you all guys are amazing" Stay Blessed! Ghalib
  10. I was wondering if am I lazy enough to hold the button but realize that I am coming from Toyota to Mitsubishi world so not all options are available. 🤣
  11. I also noticed it and was thinking if those are not original as I brought second hand car, after reading the above topIc i can die peacefully
  12. I just Bought for my Pajero 265/70 R16 112H for only 1400 all 4 and it is amazing made in Japan on this price where others cost you 2100+.
  13. Hello, Thanks for the offer, I just upgraded myself from a saloon to Pajero 3.0 2009 I am a newbie & I am ready to learn. is there anything else I needed to bring with me?
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