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  1. @srikumar I paid AED 8500 including the towing cost. I really hope it will last few more years as I don't do long drives.
  2. Hi Everyone, I would like to thank you all for the sound advise you gave @Gaurav, @Rahimdad @Srikumar. I had my transmission fixed in Dexol as advised by @Barry. The main culprit was the broken chain in the transmission. Now my car is back to normal condition. I want to keep it for few years at least. I want to know what's the normal life span of a fix transmission with proper maintenance?
  3. I'm convinced with the recommendation. I will send my car to Dexol tomorrow. I hope they will not outrageously quote me. @Barry
  4. Went to service center and now the car reverse ain't working. I'll have it tow tomorrow. Btw, How do rebuilding works? Dexol can do it? I might refer it to them.
  5. The service personnel says its moving fine now. I have to investigate further. Thanks for your opinion.
  6. I'm a slow driver and the car was well taken car of. In fact, it is only used from office ( Internet city) to home ( Dubai Marina) and vice versa. The 10,000 kms will took me around 6 months or even more as I don't drive a lot. It's unbelievable why I got this issue. It's my first breakdown in history of my ownership in this car back in 5 years. I don't know much about car, I need your sound opinion.
  7. I don't actually know what they serviced last 6 months. I did not pay attention to it. Whatever they recommend I follow. Now, they advised me to change CVT that cost AED 21K , Cooler AE1300, Steering lock AED 1965, brake switch and battery at AED 550. I don't know if this happen to anyone here? That's why I badly need a credible workshop for 2nd opinion.
  8. Hi Gaurav, thanks for your reply. I have changed oil and filter 6 months back. I only used Nissan service center and consequently car is out of warranty they only give it up to 30,000 or 3 years ( year 2016) whichever comes first. I never experience any breakdown before. Now the service personnel is running fine that's why I ask them to check CVT because that's what I actually read in the forum for 2013 model and then Nissan told me yeah there is CVT problem. I wanted a 2nd opinion to a reliable garage.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Nissan Altima 2013 at 69,000 kms mileage I own it new. Last Thursday everning, I was driving in the basement parking and there's a sudden vibration and engine stops when I accelerate or reverse the car. I have sent it to Nissan service and they said I have a faulty CVT transmission. Can anyone here suggest any workshop where I can check for 2nd opinion? Or anyone here has experienced the same and the possible solution they had? Appreciate all your replies. @Gaurav
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