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  1. happy birthday Gaurav Bhai. it is always a pleasure to know wonderful humans beings like you. your parents should surely be proud of you. live long and rule the dunes bro God bless you
  2. Feeling sad that I won’t be able to make it for this drive since I am traveling out of the country. But I will be back for the 19thapr drive
  3. what a day!!!. very positive. for me it really proved how important it is to listen to the briefings before the stay of every adventure. thanks to the briefing by @Gaurav @Rahimdad else i would have had a real serious mishap. as usual. the day started with a drive from home. this time i think its the enthusiasm that helped me arrive much earlier. started the day with a lot of smiles and great hugs. hatsoff to @Gaurav parents. they were i presume the senior most and the most adventurous couple we had. may god bless then with a very long and healthy life. thanks to @Rahimdad @Gaurav @Srikumar for all the efforts. thanks for the recovery when my grand lady sank. it was very caring of the trio and their efforts were amazing like always. thanks to @Chirag S. and @Fuad for waiting up until i inflated my tires. didnt even get to say a proper good bye, but see you guys the next time. every week we learn a lot of experience and paitence. the fear factor reduced a little more as the confidence factor had started to build along. it was a fun day and managed to learn the art of steering the steering. small slides n drifts happened. rollophobia and toppleophobia was there at times. 2 refusals and 1 sand bog. what more can you ask for when you had wonderful group leaders and a very cooperative co offroaders. God bless you Allah, incase i have forgotten to mention some one!!!, just remember that you are in my hearts and i am keeping you all there for now. thanks for the lovely day
  4. for people who are thinking twice to come tomorrow for the drive!!!! just remember that ramadhan is just around the corner and the sun will also get scorching in a few weeks. then its going to be vacation time. so dont miss the drives in the coming few weeks.
  5. went to EB n EA got everything except my flag pole. i even got the window remover to stick on the glass. but no sign of flag pole. probably try to buy a helium balloon for now and tie it to the rear
  6. Lots of love for my vehicle. a beast on and off road. but need to move like a mouse off road bcos of my low bumpers. its still fun to drive as a newbie. it will be her second off road drive tomorrow. hope she doesnt lets me down.
  7. @Gaurav @Rahimdad will be there for the drive. but will skip bbq since need to go out later. on my way to pick the radio n flag
  8. until

    i recommend all the absolute newbies and newbies to join. this will give us an insight seeing the experts demonstrate their skills and will help us to decide to what level we could move ahead in the future. it would be great to meet our seniors in carnity offroad school and learn a lot on how they moved up the ladder of skills
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