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  1. Haha!! even I might have graduated that night by listening to your stories. but unfortunately the hard landing sort of freaked me out, but anyways all well now and the bumper was fixed in less than 10 minutes so I'm all ready for the next drives.
  2. At the last drive while driving I encountered a rather nasty dune and hit my car nose down. The resulting damage was not pretty bad but now my bumper and bonnet are a bit off balance. I tried to look up a few garages on the website( I trust carnity’s results more than google) but can’t decide which one is the right choice. All I have to with the car is to put the bumper back in place. Please someone give me a good recommendation.
  3. Nice points @Gaurav. These points always help me out when driving and keeps the whole drive relaxing.
  4. Cost-effectiveness looks reliability, price and practicality of the car are what should be seen. the fuel economy should also a good point to be considered as fuel prices now a day is very unpredictable.
  5. luwaimn

    Ramadan timings

    Well business hours are usually reduced for everybody in Ramadan. Mostly all shops close down by 2:30(including mine) but workload shall increase a bit more than usual
  6. Great trip yesterday. Had my first experience driving in the night, looking forward to more trips like these.
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