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  1. Good one Danny. had a good chuckle over this.
  2. On a separate note, my tires were filled with Nitrogen air, do i need to fill the same again or can i fill normal air at fuel stations? Whats the ideal Air pressure (PSI) for 265/17 R16
  3. Yes, possible but not sure how manufacture origin affects these things? I got those for AED1400 so even if they last a couple of years, its fine. the date stamp is week 48- 2018, not that old either. Have you gone ahead and made the purchase? If not, check with Juma Al Majid, i think they were quoting around 1890 for G039
  4. GEOLANDAR G039 265 70 16 112 S http://yokohama.ae/tyre-search.php?vtype=SUV/4WD Geolandar is good in my opinion and i have recently installed a set. So far so good. However, i installed the G056 but somehow not able to find on the above website, wonder why though.
  5. 1. Very Imp - In case the car has been parked for long hours - (for eg. overnight or full office hours), start the engine but let it idle for 30-40 seconds as this will work the engine oil to all moving parts at Idle RPM and then head off to your destination, also do not rev. too much for the first couple of kms as far as possible. 2. Not sure about this but i was advised to switch off AC before turning off the car so that at the time of start-up, the AC motor does not put additional load on engine start-up (perhaps senior members can shed some light) 3. Use quality engine oil and change it very regularly as per the Oil type (would recommend full synthetic - Mobil1 or Total, recommended grade as i understand is 15W-40 but you will not get this in Mobil1). 4. Since you mentioned 93K, check previous records if the Timing belt has been replaced. If not, then this is recommended every 100K kms, timing belt, pulley, water pump, thermostat & such things, on that note, also check if "Major Service' was done, which basically replaces all the major fluids. Brake, gear, Differential, Transfer case, power steering and such. Please note, major service will not include the timing belt part, it has to be done separately. Engine is not a high maintenance part if you follow basic rules, most important is right engine oil grade & a quality brand & timely oil change.
  6. Lewis, i was also advised to replace the timing belt assembly by Habtoor service and a rough estimate of it they gave me was around AED 5000, since this is not something very immediate for me, i thought of checking the parts price and attached is a quote i got just today from Best Auto Parts in Mussafah. Comes to around 1700 (mind you, it has brake pads & RH upper arm + upper arm (which i did not understand) and also, it does not include the thermostat price). For garage, check out New Bombay Workshop - Bosch Service in Mussafah. They are not cheap but relatively cheaper i suppose and seem to be well equipped. I have personally not serviced my car there (yet) but been there twice for work on friend's car and found them decent.
  7. Keith - Thank you, that was very informative, and no, the previous owner was not able to provide much details, i will be visiting Habtoor to understand the last service details, but i think if it was indeed a major service (seller mentioned he paid around 3K) then this would have been taken care of. Not sure though, have to check records. Are the outside garages reliable and competent when it comes to stuff like timing belt change? Last thing i would want is a sub-standard part and job. Any prior experience?
  8. Thank you Frederic. After reading the comments, i will go with Mobil1 0W-40, Souk is selling 4LTR for AED 185, would need another litre i believe. I don't believe the tyres are fake, it seems legit. the date stamp is 482018 which means its manufactured almost towards the end of 2018. Thanks a lot for the schedule. Hi Gaurav, thank you, Mobil1 it is, will change to it starting next interval at 5K itself on the current one. Regarding tyres. i do not feel they are fake, i was actually given the impression, and yes, the person was basing his reasoning solely on the price. I too believe that that UAE market is fairly reliable unless you are visiting some really shady stores. This particular tyre shop has given me a stamped bill and moreover, i did do some visual check and they seemed legit. It has the date stamp and no spelling mistakes the exact tyre range is GEOLANDAR H/T G056 P265/70R16. I think it was stock clearance and hence priced that low. Thanks Rahimdad, yes, i believe that is the case here as well. I plan to change a 10K oil at 8K interval. Exactly, 30 doesn't sound right, but the person was very confident and even said we put this in Patrol's and Land Cruiser's 😮 personally, i will yet go with a 40 grade since this number should be closer to the max temperature of the area that the car is driven and considering UAE temperatures that can go upto 50 deg. C, a 40 oil can handle it but 30 will most definitely suffer and would adversely affect the engine (correct me if i am wrong).
  9. Dear Members, I recently bought a used Pajero GLS 3.5 Litre - Mid option - 2014 model in AUH . It currently has 116,000 mileage overall. It has been fairly maintained, I was told by the seller that he only did 'Major' service at Habtoor's and the last one was at 100K mark and the rest at ADNOC, however, he was not able to provide any job-card/invoice but also said that you can check with Habtoor and they will have the record. I received the car on Thursday and over the weekend i did the following: 1. Changed the engine oil as it needed an immediate fix- visited First-Stop (Al Masaood/ADNOC) and they used Total Quartz - FS - 5W-30 grade. 2. Changed the tyres as i was getting a lot of feedback noise and tyres were starting to show cracks. - Changed to Yokohama Geolandar 265-70 R16. I got them for AED 1430 for a set of 4 at Al -Fatah tyres. Now i am being told that the tyres may be fake. (Please advise if you have any idea on this.) (I was told by Al-Fatah that these are under offer), i checked with Juma-Al-Majid (official partner in UAE for Yokohama) and they quoted AED 1890 for those same tyres. My queries: 1. What oil grade is used in UAE for Pajero and which brand is best outside of Al-Habtoor? (i am leaning towards Mobil1), service station guys say that 5w-30 will suffice even in summers, but looking at a the UAE temperatures, i suspect it should be atleast 5W/10W - 40. 2. Regarding tyres, did anyone have similar experience and/or have a comment? 3. What should be the next 'Major Service' point, KMS wise? 4. What is included in Major, minor & regular service? (Habtoor is currently offering a package of AED4500 for 1 major, 1 Minor & 2 regular with 1 set of brake pads free) Would really appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the above.
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