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  1. Qasim, First check your brake fluid If it is okay I have a feeling your brake booster is the issue. The ac depends on which car you drive. because if you drive a wrangler and expect nissan sunny cooling it is never gona happen.
  2. Take a look at Mitsubishi Pajero or montero slightly less with fuel consumption than LC and NP. otherwise Ford Explorer is also a good option but keep in mind ford explorer is better than dodge in resale and maintenance but is worse comparing NP and LC.
  3. ADNOC voyager is ESMA certified and is categorized as SN And not all garages would keep the certificates.
  4. Did you drive it because most of the 4 wheels do not give more than 10 or 11KM per liter as per my experience, Please drive it in between full tank because the system can show anything. As advised Gaurav wonderful car but these car but sell it before the warranty expires and note when you sell it do not expect anything as it may be sold at lowest price. I recommend take it for rent, drive it for a day to get an exact KM. Thanks.
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