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  1. I believe, these steering types doesn't have fluid system at all.
  2. Dears, I'am the first owner and am driving Elantra 2015 and and I've been facing steering stiffness since from the beginning. The steering feels very hard and it continuously pulls and drifts to the right and there is no steering center position, so I've to fight all the times to keep it on the lane. when you try to turn into a curve I've to be very forceful with turning the steering wheel which causes a heavy shoulder pain. P.S, for first 3 years it was under Agency maintenance and i used to keep flagging this issue, they do some changes and it feels bit better for some days then the same issue will arise. once they changed the entire MDPS steering unit as well. In the last 6 months, i changed all 4 tires (Hankook) , brake pads (Genuine), both side lower arm bushes (Genuine) and went to a technician who open'd up the entire steering unit & rods and he did some sort of service , wheel balance & alignment done 4 times in 2 different shops. And all this turned out to be even worse now and i started to suffer a lot with a bad heavy steering. can someone please advise me the right solution to get this sorted ?
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