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Summer Off-road Adventures


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About Me


I am Rohan from India. I am retail professional working in Dubai. I am social animal. I like to be with friends, family's rather than alone. I am fun loving. 

I love animals. I am Pure Vegetarian and aspiring Vegan. I love cars. I like outdoor activities. I have started loving off loading too much but have to care for my car as I and my wife loves our car a lot. So thinking if I shall continue with this car or buy another if budget allows. 

I like to do social work. I like help others. I like to dance, I like to party. I like having fun. I don't know whether I am creative or not but many times I had come up with innovative solutions which are far simpler that this complicated world.

I am willing to take this off-roading passion to next level.  See you in sand.


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