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  1. Hello @Ale Vallecchi! Can't find myself in the convoy numbering could you please check? Thanks!
  2. @Srikumar I'm terribly sorry but I cannot join you due to my faulty alarm. I overslept! Sorry one more time!
  3. Hello! Long time no see! Was out of the country for some time. Perseids Meteor Shower should be nice! As you can see on the picture below, it peaks at 04:31AM 13Aug21 with 83 meteors per hour. That means, that you can see, well, one meteor every 5-10 minutes 😃 Because the rest are so small and fast that it is very hard to catch them by a naked eye. At midnight you can expect 36 meteors/hour, at 02:00AM around 60 meteors/hour. So, definitely, you will see them! Gray shape indicates a number of meteors per hour, gray line is elevation of Perseids, blue line is Moon. It's
  4. During the session I mentioned that I was working on one image from March. Here we go, today I've posted it to my social media. Overall, I took almost 800 photos from 02:27am to 5:44am. Around 100 selected photos were merged to form the star trails. Foreground was taken from another photo taken during twilight before sunrise. Everything is edited in the Adobe Lightroom. As usual, one of the RAW photos before processing.
  5. Here you have very close subject on the foreground and beautiful stars on the background. It's impossible to have both in focus, of course. We can take two shots: focus on the stars and focus on the car. Then we can merge both in the Photoshop or similar software. Main thing here is not to move the camera and use the same settings. Actually, you can use different settings for the foreground and background. It's a bit more difficult for the post-processing but might provide better results 😃
  6. Thanks everybody! You all did really great! Hope that some people liked night photography and will enjoy it in the wild on their own. There are lot of places for such meditation in the UAE. Meanwhile, I just want to show you my snaps and comparison of RAW and edited photos. As I mentioned, taking the photo is only half of the process. The second half is editing. I swear, I have not drawn the stars 😃 Thanks!
  7. Hi @Niki! Not a problem, we can start with Direct Sunlight and try other options if it is not good enough 😃
  8. @Frederic thanks a lot for your brilliant preparation work! From my side, I just would like to add a few points. It would be very nice if everybody participating in the session try to set below settings at home, so we can save our time a little bit and have more time for our shooting. select RAW mode decrease brightness of the screen to minimum disable long exposure noise reduction disable high ISO noise reduction select manual focus mode turn on live-view zoom in the picture in the live view mode select manual shooting mode (M)
  9. Hello! In my opinion, it is totally up to you to choose Nikon or Canon, both are good. I can advise to buy popular DSLR with popular lens mount so you can find lots of new and used lenses on the market. So, Nikon 5600 or Canon eos 800D should be fine.
  10. Thanks for a wonderful drive, guys! It was challenging for me at times, but it was full of learning too! We had a great mix of criss-crosses, a few stucks, shoveling, tugging and even a pop-out! @Kailas managed the drive very well, fantastic job! The whole convoy managed very well too! I had a feeling that I was the slowest driver at night, the rest drove like they had night-vision goggles! I was struggling because I did not have enough light to the sides of the driving direction. Thanks!
  11. Dear all, thanks a lot for a wonderful drive! As you mentioned, stunning Sweihan Desert is totally worth all the hassle of long drive from Dubai! Love this place! Thanks to lead skills of @Chaitanya D, we all had a chance to learn and admire outdoors in a very safe yet thrilling environment. It goes without saying that @Craig Finlayson was a perfect sweep, always ready to help in just a few seconds after a refusal or stuck. Generally, the whole convoy managed the area very well! We had just enough little stucks to have fun and to be over stressed. Hope to see you all
  12. Being an aviation professional, I love to use airport weather reports. For Al Ain airport (OMAL), 08th of April was almost clear. 07th was foggy till 0800LT (0400Z), 06th was clear. OMAL 080400Z 36003KT 310V040 6000 NSC 21/16 Q1013 NOSIG OMAL 080331Z 33002KT 5000 HZ NSC 19/16 Q1013 BECMG 7000 NSW OMAL 080301Z 29005KT 4500 HZ NSC 18/16 Q1013 NOSIG OMAL 080300Z VRB02KT 6000 NSC 19/16 Q1013 NOSIG OMAL 080200Z 12002KT 5000 HZ NSC 18/16 Q1012 BECMG 3000 OMAL 080100Z 01007KT 7000 NSC 20/16 Q1012 BECMG 4000 HZ OMAL 070500Z 02005KT CAVOK 23/17 Q1016 NOSIG OMAL 070426Z 01005K
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