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  1. Our plan was to originally make a drift trike but we found using a Go Kart rear axle and wheels was too expensive for our budget. Then we looked into using an Ebike conversion kit for the front wheel and using caster wheels for the rear end but the battery ended up being exorbitantly expensive so then we decided to make something simple like the Stance trike.
  2. Thanks for the help, Ill definetly look into the steelies and the tires. Romit
  3. Hey guys, My name is Romit and I'm a student in 11th grade. My friend and I are looking into building something fun this summer as a project and we decided on building a stanced trike (see pictures). We've got just about everything we need and we're trying to keep this low budget (which is why we didn't use a pitbike motor or an electric motor for it) and we're looking for a place we can find a pair of matching rims and tires. The rims should be in a moderate and usable condition and the tires can be bald for all we care. If anyone knows a place we can get this or even a junkyard that we could look into that'd be great. Thanks
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