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  1. Hello everyone, I have a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander SE (that I still owe $5700 on) and after having issues with the car driving I took it to a dealer. They informed me that I have a code 1778 and need to replace the valve body. However, since the car is from 2010 and has 112000 miles on it they suggest replacing the CVT entirely with a used one that has 62000 miles on it. The cost (+plus labor) for the valve body will be about $2000. The entire CVT replace will be about $5000 and come with a 1-year warranty. The tech said I have a 50% chance of the valve body fixing the issue. Should I just replace the valve body and hope for the best or the whole trans and pray it lasts quite a bit longer than a year? What are your opinions? I am not able to throw money around and at $5000 I could almost buy another used car, but I am still paying this one off. I did have an outside company warranty on the car, but it expired 2000 miles ago. I did bring the car in previously for CVT issues, but they couldn't diagnose it at the time when it was still under warranty. Thank you!
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