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  1. Yeah, i am doing that now. have the cash ready so that we get done with the purchase. what i have seen so far is that seller are just trying to find someone who is willing to pay his price and does not worry much depreciation or maintenance. A seller literally told this is my car and i decide the price. so i realize that these are probably not serious sellers, they just are just waiting for opportunity to seller their car on a profit. Thanks mate, the numbers are the same in the excel that i made. it gives confidence that i am just aligning to market and not blind in doing this.
  2. As i am doing my first real used car search and doing all the math with depreciation and resale and all that, i thought of asking the experts of how much they will put the money for. As for the brand and the options, i am very happy, but the right price to buy is what is confusing me. so it's Kia Sorento 2016 Full option, black color, done like 35K Km's only. GCC, Agency maintenance, Full service history. had a quick test drive, it was fine - did not do a full/detailed check. The price from what i know in 2016 was 130K, registered in Dec 2016. Can you guys tell me how much you would pay for this?
  3. This car search journey is so amazing than expected, thank you very much for the support guys.
  4. Thanks mate, that's sound like the same thing i am doing now.. been scanning sites and trying all the options around with no satisfactory results
  5. i think i should take the advice from experts here. obviously something is fine and need to spend time and money to get this to fully proper condition. Thanks mate. As per copart, primary damage is MINOR DENTS/SCRATCHES. secondary is normal wear. The car did not have proper service history and had adnoc sticker, so surely the condition is average at max.
  6. So this is content of the test certificate on copart. it shows one problem that i found during the test drive - if i open the full throttle, the car stalls at 3k - 3.5 K RPM. acts as if there is no fuel. however, when driven normally (normal throttle) this problem did not occur and car reached 80+; acceleration was good in both situations. As professional's, what would you guys do with this car? i don't want the car such badly, but a practical understanding of this car is what i like to hear.
  7. Dude, you are 100% correct; i am dumbfound! This is Copart and when i zoomed in to the original report's photo, i could see a hi-res photo and it has the lot number and checked it on coport's website and it matches... i can see the test certificate too! i am without no words..
  8. This one is very useful.. i saw so much more data and it's helpful. Thanks mate. i think i should talk ask the owner a little more details. This is tricky as i think the owner may not feel comfortable to discuss.
  9. never thought of this, the current owner sure has vasta. odometer has not changed - so i understand it's the same KM as in the test. no, the report only has this - no more details. The car is only 4 Cylinder. vincoderz and current vehicle license has the same license numbers - did not check the actual serial number on the vehicle though..
  10. The more confusing thing was both the tests were same day, just 3.5 hours apart. The car had the same mileage in both the tests. This is the only detail I have for the issue... You think a car engine replacement for a small SUV 2.5 can be changed in like 3.5 hours ?
  11. Hey guys, i have been hunting for a used car and found one interesting recently. i checked out the vehicle and it was acceptable so i thought of utilizing the RTA's Vehicle Status Report. Took the owner's permission and applied for the request online - was not easy. Expected the Vehicle report to be available instantly as per the RTA website, but it took like 16 hours. Looks like someone was sitting and generating the report manually. OK moving on.. enuf rant. The report has provides the inspection history and had something that i don't understand, so i would like the expert's here for some help. Can you please have a look at the attachment to let me know your thoughts on this? Many thanks in advance. As this is a relatively new service and not much information is available and i thought that i should let the community know about the contents of this report. Here is the summary of my report. 01. Vehicle Specification Info : Available 02. Odometer Reading: Available 03. Ownership Info: Available 04. Circular Info: Not Available 05. Registration Info: Available 06. Inspection Info: Available 07. Confiscations Info: Not Available 08. Stolen Info: Available 09. Manufacturer Info: Not Available
  12. HAhaha, yes this is the same thing on my mind as well!
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