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  1. Thanks Barry for Logical advise, It's a Taiwanese Car, I tried everything from made in taiwan, ebay, taiwantrade.com, alibaba etc. could not find any supplier for Axle Drive Shaft.
  2. I got the wheel balanced, it reduced the vibration but not completely. I also believe its related to Suspension, Steering component or Drive Shaft Axle, I tired to find a Supplier for LUXGEN Spares but could not find anyone so far.
  3. By replacing old with New Tyres may Solve the issue of vibration
  4. You are absolutely Right, This brand is already stopped by the dealer "western Auto" It was not a marriage it was Mutah (Temporary Marriage) to buy 5-6 months to earn the revenue back from the investment made recently.
  5. He will arrange it and it takes 3-4 weeks
  6. The Authorized Dealer of Luxgen in DIP suggested to replace the entire Axle "Shaft Assembly Drive" as per the Picture. Can any member advise where to procure Luxgen Parts in U.A.E. or online.
  7. Yes exactly Mr. Adel cars & Bikes Al Quoz 3 guy did the same. They told me they took it for some lathe machine and put a new rubber cover with grease.
  8. Yesterday I noticed in more details,below are observations. 1. Very minor (negligible) vibration on slow acceleration. 2. Hard Press on Gas Paddle vibration starts from 40 and gets severe between 50-60 km/hr speed. 3. No or negligible Vibration between 100-120 km/hr speed. 4. No vibration when pressure is constant on gas pedal. 5. When pressure dropped on gas pedal from 60-40 km/hr no vibration noticed. 6. Vibration Starts between 40-60-80 Km/hr speed. 7. At 80 km/hrs vibration is still there but minor or negligible. 8. Steering no specific vibration but windows make minor vibration especially on right side. 9. Attached Picture of Front Tyre. The Tyre is OEM and since April 2014. Yes it is only during acceleration that too on sudden or hard acceleration which is needed at signal or round about. The vibration starts between 40-60-80 i.e. Mild-Severe-Mild If I drop the gasoline pedal at 60, absolutely no vibration is felt in 60-40 band.
  9. It's 152 Auto Garages Recommended, Not possible to pin out the best among them. Regards, 0569683677
  10. Thanks Barry, If you can suggest any good mechanic or garage it will be a great assistance. Regards
  11. I believe LUXGEN u&-22 don't have track bar
  12. Thanks Gaurav, I have noted all the suggestions and will go for it one by one, Thank you very much for your time and attention, indeed. Regards, It happens even when you start from 0, more it is felt between 40-60, today I will again monitor and update you here. Regards,
  13. Thank you very much for your time and attention, Yes it vibrates even when I accelerate after signal is green. And especially I have noticed between 40-60 its vibrates more and then recedes after 60 and gets normal. If I put force gradually on accelerator the vibration is not much but still between 40-60 vibration is clearly visible. Regards,
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