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  1. If someone flash too much then you can stop and ask if everything is fine? maybe its a call for help
  2. Thanks everyone for prompt response, I will check all these stuff and if its still there I will gor computer scanning. Any recomendation for scan shop in Dubai near business bay area?
  3. 2014 122000 1 year 2 months back at enoc dont know
  4. Last night while driving I notice that the Check Engine Light came on all of sudden. Initially I couldn't understand but after searching little bit I now confoirm that its check engine light. Of course I step out and open the hood and check that engine is there, just kidding. Inspect all around for any leaks, let car cool down and check the engine oil level seems normal. What else Im missing and how to fix this light? How much it may cost and how long it will take fix? Can i drive now or is it urgent? Any VW suggested mechanic here>
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