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  1. @Vanessa8580 thanks for the drive 👍 i like the starting high-dunes and ending technical track. So good that I went for 2nd round today... and found my rear bumper! Sands have changed formation that every week in Sweihan will be a different track, see you next time here 😁 Thanks to @Looper for recording the track (since I came late I forgot to hit Gaia record myself 😂)
  2. In case one cannot find a 2010+ model for Dual VVTi , for 7000dhs you can get original Toyota Racing Development superchargers that are available for Single VVTi... then the Single VVTi will beat both HP and Torque of the Dual VVTi 😄 I've seen it reaches 580hp for 1GR-FE Single VVTi on Supercharger 🔥 Food for thought for the Prado owners here...
  3. i have 2 statements to make: 1. The drive was excellent today, there were no deadly steps to avoid, so I didn't lose anything today and my front bumper was intact 😁 Well done Marshal @Srikumar 🫡 (salute emoji) 2. For some good reason, instead of popping-out, my BeadGrip wheels and wide tires tend to "lose air" when badly impacted from the sidewalls, resulting in 6psi and needed some air for driving safely. If it was not for @Vaibhav's on-board compressor, the drive would be further delayed as I have to take out my bulky compressor, attach wires, etc. Thanks bro 👍🏻 These statements are made from my own accord, without any coercion or endorsement from anyone 😂 Too bad I didn't have to tug anyone with the LC, but that's also a testament of how good everyone drives in the convoy today 👍🏻 well done everyone 👏🏻 Mr @Waqas Parvez i hope you made it on time and didn't start a World War 3 🙏🏻
  4. i'm putting ahead apologies & heads-up since I came late today for Vanessa's drive due to fog 😅 So for those who don't know, if there's Fog, all Abu Dhabi cameras that are online are automatically set to 80 km/h. This means there's no use driving 120 through the fog as you risk both fines and accidents... but i'll try to leave 3hours earlier 😂
  5. probably the same ones for hydraulic jack, rubber stops to get extra height:
  6. the LC will not make the mistake of Y62 by giving way to passing cars and fell into a ditch due to its heaviness 😂
  7. Thank you @Srikumar, on my 62nd drive with my Y62 I got my 1st pop-out 😂 Definitely need to keep distance from you next time to avoid hearing "Exit exit" when i'm already in the pocket 🙈 It was a small friendly convoy, I can't imagine sharing 8-slices of Parathas with 10-people-convoy 😅. This photo below sums up the Drive Excitement: Good driving with you guys @GauravSoni @MMansoor
  8. something wrong here, why only 3 people registered? must be scared of losing pulleys in the middle of night, these guys... cc @Mus_hus78 🔥
  9. love the spirit 👍 see you in the sand bro , PS insert "careless" before the word senior for me 😁
  10. Support to the rescue! Slyfully inserting into the CF position 👍😁
  11. wow event is still 2 more days and the list is already finalized, talk about some prep, i'm sure the track is also finalized 👍 @Imran Kashif word of warning: last guy behind me when i was placed middle got himself stuck in a slope 🙈
  12. Good morning @Vanessa8580 , FYI I've added myself to WaitList for 2nd drive (although technically my 1st drive will happen the day after this on Sunday with Sri)
  13. pause making trips in Little Sweihan and come to Real Sweihan and we'll show you how to get stuck in these weird positions 😂
  14. Congrats @Rizwanm2 , wohoo soon we're gonna have Extreme Drives again 👍👍👍
  15. Seems I had too many coffees and was thinking of Seidam when replying without double-checking 😂
  16. I have this exact configuration in my Y62 cargo: jack plate from Ace Hardware + 10 Tons bottle jack from Speedex. I wasn't sure if this will do well as I have the crocodile jack in my LandCruiser but was too lazy to move it everytime I change cars.... but now thanks to Doc @Hisham Masaad I have confirmation that this configuration is good enough for sand recovery 👍
  17. cc @GauravSoni no the camera is not tilted bro 😂
  18. Of course it has to be exaggerated, how else are we going to attract more people to join the Abu Dhabi drives? 😁
  19. From my view as sweeper, it was an "almost-flipped" Pajero and what poor fate could have befallen today. Alas, calm-headed and coolness prevails over panick and once again Fred saved the day 😁 But the graphics of the event is best described over some apple juice & other drinks 😅
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