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COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives


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  1. i had lost 23 kgs in 3 months a while back...what i learnt was in order of priority 1.cut out on sugar , white bread, white rice ( all high glycemic stuff adds to your lard fast if not used) 2.eat fibre/salad/veggies - slow digesting food will keep you satiated. 3.rely on low calories snacks when hungry (almonds , chicpea etc) 4. 5 or more short meals just to satiate. 5.Try skipping dinner ( not always healthy though) 6. do any high intensity interval training in morning ( kicks metabolism --> after burn effect). Note:dont avoid essential fats & proteins. carbs are not essential cut how much ever you can. cheers
  2. hummerforums are very informative on such issues he can try searching it on this as linked below https://www.hummerforums.com/forum/
  3. hi Everyone it was an enjoyable day meeting you all. Please do upload /share your pictures in the gallery if you haven't done so already. Thankyou Srikumar and Rahimbhai for the impeccable leadership. Cheers Adel (vehicle :h3)
  4. hi can we make a collective purchase of the flag rather than everyone doing so seperately
  5. Noted. I have my permanent one which i had used for the last drive -its borrowed by a friend as of now. Will have it back for the next event.
  6. hi Frederic, I would require one unfortunately had to give mine off last week. Thanks regards Adel
  7. yup its a big convoy...btw there are 3 h3's not 2 ..quite ironical
  8. Hi Guys, Could i join in on the even tommorow ? . I drive a '09 hummer H3 and have limited offroad experience. Front and back recovery points are in good condition and car is well serviced Cheers Adel
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